On Anniversaries and things.

Today the Coach and I celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary.
And by celebrate, I mean there is a heart penciled on the wall calendar. 
Did I tell you we had a very small budget for our wedding? 
He couldn’t afford a shirt and I had to waitress the entire reception. 
 Heck yeah, I made great tips, look at those gams!
When you know someone for 27 years, you experience a lot of stuff together. Such as your mullet phase, your perm phase, your bright blue eyeshadow phase, your mom jeans phase.
And that was just HIM.
Oh, lets not forget our  ‘redneck phase’ {Coach/Suz and Big Blue. 1992}
We drove that truck {pulling my Saturn} from South Florida all the way to Dallas, TX. With two medicated cats with us. I’m still coughing up fur balls.

He still misses that truck. We had to sell it to buy a {gag} mini-van. 

Oh, it looks like we’ve come full circle? {Coach/Suz 2012}

We’ve had many many good times. Luckily, the bad times have been few and far in between. Actually, I think that the bad times seemed NOT so bad…because the Coach is a rock. Cool. Calm. Collected. And usually very reasonable.
He makes life easier for me. Always. 
I still have that dress. Not sure why…but it fits around my left ankle beautifully. 
My step sister’s 1st wedding. I actually picked out that dress. And his pants. The 90’s were not pretty. 
We don’t usually do big stuff on our anniversary.
 Last year we went crazy, had dinner and saw The Hangover 2.
Thank the Lord they have not come out with Hangover 3. I don’t think I could take another one.
The 20th ‘traditional’  anniversary gift is China. I’m kinda glad the Coach didn’t know that. What would I do with an ENTIRE COUNTRY? 

The modern day gift is Brass and Nickel. That pretty much sums up what I find in the dryer everyday. 
We don’t usually go all out on the gifts. Well, what the heck can I buy him? 
His two favorite things are beef jerky and one other thing that I won’t blog about. 
Our good friends are coming over for the weekend with their sweeter than heck 2 year old.
WE will have more fun than a monkey full of barrels.

The Coach used to fish. For girls. 

The secret to a happy marriage?
Marry someone who doesn’t mind compromise.
I bet you thought we both did that.
And? Marry someone who never whines, complains or b*tiches about anything.
Too bad the Coach didn’t follow that rule.
I just made myself laugh. Again.

Happy 21 baby!!!!

So, enough about us.
If you are a praying person, a karma person, a mojo person or a good vibrations person, could you muster up the energy to send a bit of *whatever* to my Mom?
On Wednesday, she fell at work and broke her humerus bone. Nothin’ funny about that.

I hate that we live so far apart…at times like this I feel helpless! But, my Aunt and Uncle are there, taking good care of her. She will be fine, but it looks like surgery will be in her future. 

Now, I am off to take some extra calcium.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Happy anniversary to Karen and Gregg too!

23 thoughts on “On Anniversaries and things.

  1. Happy Anniversary, my sweet friends!!Thanks for sharing all those great photos of you two. They had me giggling the whole time.I hope you guys have a great holiday weekend.xoxox


  2. Anonymous

    Happy Anniversary you two love birds! Love these photos. I'll be praying for your sweet mom. Sending my love to each of you.


  3. Oh my, those old photos. There's just so much to say that I don't even know where to begin. So I won't!Why you making your Mom still work? Bring her down to Florida and let her hang out on the Lanai forever. Seriously, you try being in your sixties and swingin' around a pole! You'd fall too!But truly, you know that I love your Mom and mostly because she likes me best. And since I am the Praying kind, I'll get working on that now.Happy Anniversary to you and The Coach!m.


  4. Oh my gosh about your Mama. Praying right this second. I am sorry you are so far from her.Happy, happy anniversary. I love that God has blessed you with a wonderful partner. Your love is abundant and it makes me happy to read of. XO


  5. Good Morning, Suz,I loved…loved…loved looking at all of the photos of you and the coach. You have such an adorable family.I'm very sorry to hear about your mom. I know how hard it is to be living far away and concerned about their well being. I suppose you noticed my mom's huge bruise when we were there for Mother's Day…so I can certainly relate.Enjoy your holiday weekend, and Happy Anniversary to a special friend. ~Natalie


  6. Anonymous

    Love your blog and this post and I think you for following Mark's suggestion and coming to comment on my blog. I notice you have boxers. We have two and although they are the most destructive pups we have ever owned, we love and laugh at them daily. Happy happy anniversary to you and Coach. Have fun celebrating and may you have another 21 years!


  7. OMG! I think both of your grown daughters could fit in the poofy sleeve on your dress! Happy anniversary to you both! Will definitely be praying for your mom!


  8. Happy Anniversary! You guys seem like a great couple. I'm very happy for you!Ha ha ha, good thing i was a punk rocker in the 80's. I got past the poofy sleeves and the big permed hair : DHope you mom has a safe and speedy recovery. Sending her some healing mojo.


  9. Sending a prayer to your sweet Mom!And, you, girl! You never age a bit!So…I'm wondering…Are you becoming a stand up comic? You would sooo rock that career path!Happy Anniversary!


  10. Happy Anniversary to you and the Coach! Wishing you many more very happy and fun filled years together.I know how you feel being so far away from your mom. At times like that it really stinks.


  11. Happy Anniversary. I hope the next 21 years are even better than the first 21. Thanks for sharing the pictures of the two of you through the years.We'll keep your Mom in our prayers.


  12. Happy Anniversary to you and Coach… GREAT set of pictures… So sorry about your sweet Mama. Hope she is going to be okay… Prayers for her.Now—get out there and celebrate those 21 yrs… George and I celebrate EVERYTHING –as you know… ha ha Hope you have a great Memorial Day Weekend. It's going to be a hot one here (temps. in the 90's)… Yipes!!!!!Hugs,Betsy


  13. Very funny walk down memory lane…I have to admit I've had some pretty awful hair and clothes mistakes along the way too…the NOW picture is beautiful!!!


  14. Hope your mom is doing better – it is pretty crappy to break a bone. Happy Anniversary (a wee bit late!) and is the Coach wearing a Chippendale's stripper vest? Is that a story for another time?


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