Tongues & Team Hatfield.

If you weren’t watching the world news last night, I’ll give you the 411: 
I’ve been sick all week.
It is just a terminal cold, so I will live. Save your sympathy for someone who really needs it.
Oh, who am I kidding? Send gifts and money a.s.a.p!!!
Zoo pics from last weekend  for your viewing pleasure.
That tongue deserves it’s own blog post. 
Giraffes are the neatest things on the planet.
I want one. or seven. 
Plus, they are vegetable-tarians. Gotta love that.

 Snowy egret. How cool is he? Way cool…just ask him.

 Some peeps like to be driven. Some prefer to drive. 
This is the closest that my backside likes to be captured.. 

So, while I’ve been on my backside recouping this week, I watched The Hatfields & McCoys. 
Did you see it? If not, you should DVR it…one can never have enough gun-fights in their life.

From the beginning, I was totally on Team Hatfield.
I mean, the McCoys were the ones who started it! 
IT was so freakin’ OBVIOUS…plus The McCoy family was not as attractive. 
Wouldn’t you be on his team? 
You knew I was that shallow. Didn’t you?
Oh yeah…. I am.
What are you doing this weekend?
My goal is to be able to use BOTH of my nostrils for breathing.
My Mama always told me to dream big!


22 thoughts on “Tongues & Team Hatfield.

  1. Here's to you being able to breathe properly! 😉 Hope the terminal cold is on it's way out…We watched \”The Hatfields & McCoys\” and I have to say I really enjoyed it. Even thought they were all incredibly ornery and vengeful. (Costner did a great job playing Devil Anse!)


  2. My coworker has enjoyed watching that series, too.You took some beautiful pics of God's creation at the zoo. It seems the animals were having as much fun as their visitors.I am so sorry you have been sick. It's aggravating when we realize we have 'caught' something and are just going to have to get through it to the end and there's no way to speed it up. Question – – – our family drinks lots of chicken rice soup when sick with a cold – – – you are a vegetarian so what do you drink for a hot nourishing soup?


  3. Anonymous

    I thought McCoy seemed like a dolt. Everything pissed him off. His sons deserved to be shot. Yep, I was totally team Hatfield too, even if my mother in law's maiden name WAS McCoy!!!


  4. I wish i could fit in that stroller. I like to be driven, lol.I'm going to the Loretta Lynn Ranch tomorrow. Not because I'm a country music fan, but because I hear the place is haunted, hee hee.Hope you're all better soon.


  5. Dear Suz, I wish that your wish comes true, that you can use both nostrils freely and that you feel 100% better before the weekend begins. Sending much love – Gberger


  6. That's about how close I like my backside to be photographed too. Of course, not at all is even better. I do love those silly giraffes and their purple tongues!


  7. I hope your nose holes open up soon.My MIL has been talking about the Hatfields and McCoys for over a month now. I'm SO glad she was able to watch the whole series. I guess I'm going to have to wait until I can rent it. 😦


  8. Anonymous

    Fun pics from the zoo! What a pain to have a cold; hope you feel better soon. John watched the HM series, too and loved it.Remembering your Mom in prayer. Keep me posted.


  9. Oh Suz… I watched it for sure. And LOVED it!! They did an awesome job with it. I can't wait until it comes out on DVD – I am def. going to buy it. I hope you are up and attem soon – and feelin' like your bright, beautiful self in no time flat!!J


  10. Gosh, this has been hanging on too long. I hope you feel better soon!Seriously.What butt? You have none. You are skinny and fit and lovely.And we're going to start watching that show tonight!Now I'm really eager to lay on the couch.Okay.yeah.That was a lie.I'm always eager to lay on the couch!


  11. I hope you are soon feeling better. I have to admit that we missed the Hatfields & McCoys. I think it is too close to real life in these mountains. I'll have to look into recording it to catch up.


  12. Giraffes are my all-time favorite animal. Caught up on Hatfield/McCoys last night. started with the 2nd one and fell asleep right before the end. Guess I have more catching up to do.


  13. Hey girl, where have I been? I thought I was caught up on your blog, and now I see I've missed quite a bit. I hope you feel better soon, I just got over a sinus, ear thing too. Had to take meds to get over it. I just love your blog, you have the greatest sense of humor. I do to, but I can't seem to put it in writing.


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