Urban housing

To begin with…thank you all for your well wishes and prayers, Mi Madre’ made it through her surgery fine…she is re-cooping at home right now.
{HI MOM!!!!}
I have a little story to share with you.

We had these three palm trees around our pool lanai.
A few years ago we had a freeze…and all three died a slow and painful death.

Photo of ONE palm used in a previous post about fog and our creepy spider webs. 
We got used to the trees.
I mean, tree stubs.

Photo of two dead palms at sunset from a previous post

People would come over and ask: Are you going to have those DEAD trees removed?
The Coach and I were kinda ok with them…..so no. 
Plus, the birds like them.
Fast forward to this last week. I was on the cell phone outside talking to my Mom. 
I heard some squawking/chirping to my left. 
I went out and noticed a little bird flitting about one of our dead trees.
I grabbed my camera and did what I do….I stalked.
{with my new camera lens…thanks Coach!}
And then I did what I hate most: math!
I counted our dead trees and only got as far as the number one.

Apparently, our lawn guy took down two of them the day before….and I just didn’t notice.
Mrs Observant you ask? YES.
I mean no.

But really, how cute is this guy?

So cute….. I left a note for my lawn guy to NOT remove this tree….it is baby wood pecker haven.
My version of the green presidential pardon. 


25 thoughts on “Urban housing

  1. Yeah, it's cute alright!But now I'm jealous that you got a \”lawn guy\”. I mean, I thought I had one last week but it just turned out to be a Drunk who passed out in my grass.m.


  2. I missed your last post. So glad your mom is doing well. I know Worker's Comp claims are a total drag. Glad you're on the mend as well. Take care. That little birdie is a cutie.


  3. That is one adorable baby bird. SO glad your yard guy left his home intact! (BTW, did he use an axe or a saw? You must have been indoors with all windows and doors secured, or that infection really plugged your ears – how else did you not hear two trees falling? Did he cut them up for firewood, or haul them away?)I think I see some gorgeous madrona (\”arbutus,\” according to the Canadians)trees in the background of your sunset photo. Are those yours? Beeyooteeful!So glad that your mom is on the mend – I hope you are, too!


  4. Yay to the lawn man who didn't cut down your very tall bird house! What a good guy.You may have missed the sound of his chainsaw due to your ear problem – even more reason not to wait to see the Dr. (!!!!!)Glad your mom has yesterday's ordeal behind her and let her know we wish her a speedy recovery. :>)


  5. Anonymous

    The lawn guy took down the tree without permission? That's weird of him and also very presumptuous. Any hoo, the only time I've ever had lawn service is when Hubby takes a job in a new state and I stay behind to sell the house. We always hire someone to do the lawn work when Hubs is not there to do it. I can't push a damn mower to save my life!


  6. What a great nesting spot and great photographs!My dear husband is our yard man. Once after we moved into a new house our neighbors had a dinner party for us. They were amazed to find that the yard man was, in fact, my husband as well. They had seen him in the yard in his cutoffs and ragged tees. (He DOES clean up pretty well.)


  7. We have a woodpecker too! But in a sweet gum tree….we cut our palm tree down shortly after we moved in because it was about 3\” from our house!Glad all is well with your mom 🙂


  8. Aw, so cute!! I would imagine the lawn guy must have seen the baby, no? I can't believe you didn't know he cut down not one, but TWO trees! It must have been because you were focused on your mama and her surgery. Glad she's doing well!


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