Asking and Receiving.

If it’s your day as the father, you get what you want.

You ask for a BLT? 
YOU get a BLT. Heavy on the T.
{Sandwich made by LoLo.}
And yes, she did eventually slice the T,  and add more B and L.

You ask for a 1947 kinda weird looking Ford Truck. 
And you get a 1947 kinda weird looking Ford toy truck. 

You need the bed of your pick-up truck cleaned out? 
{Softball coaches are known for toting around orange clay}
You get your pick up truck bed cleaned out by three able bodies. Well, two of the bodies are more able than the third. 
The third able body is very good at giving directions.

Hey, if you’re good at something, flaunt it.
*Me, Flaunting*
There was also a flurry of garage cleaning with some throwing out of crap and organizing of other crap. 
All in all, it was a good day for the Coach.
My Dad was not big on holidays. BUT, he always had a saying:
Mother’s day comes 9 months after Father’s day.
Or was it
Father’s day comes 9 months after Mother’s day?
Ether way, it was so darn corny.
I know where I get it from. 

25 thoughts on “Asking and Receiving.

  1. You all are so nice to Coach. My Dad always says \”Somebody has got to do the heavy lookin-on\” whenever he was giving us work to do. Seems like you two have a lot in common!


  2. I've read the whole page, I was obviously way behind in reading your blog. You are so creative and funny I just love your posts! So down to earth. Your family is so darling!


  3. Looks like Coach did have a great Father's Day…. That was neat that he did get his truck cleaned!!!!! And I do love the BLT–complete with whole mater!!!!! ha ha Yes—sounds like you not only have your grandmother's humor, but you also have your Dad's……. Love people with great personalities!!!Hugs,Betsy


  4. Wait, it was Father's Day? I'm a Father! My kids are gonna have a good talkin' to tonight. Right after I go out and buy a pick-up truck for them to clean.m.


  5. Judging from your dads saying I think he got a wee bit more than breakfast in bed……We took The Dad to a vintage car show and now he wants one too! He's not getting one but he did get breakfast and then had to mow the lawn himself because our two able bodies said they had to study for exams.


  6. OMG. Funniest sammie ever. Go LoLo.And the saying from your dad. I was like Nuh-Uh. They are only about a month apart. Silly Suz's dad, not being able to count.And then I got it.Dumb me.:)Glad Coach had a great day!


  7. lol, i love that sandwich! now i want one ; ) Thank you so much Miss Suz! You know what for; you are a very sweet person. May all the good mojo fall around you and your family : D


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