After this, I’ll take a stab at world peace.

I’ve not personally made any progress for this world involving race relations, sexual equality or world peace. {Unless you consider that I’ve raised two humans who don’t see color or sexual orientation as a factor when it comes to liking a person}
And we know all about my determination to wipe out Styrofoam and to prosecute anyone for not recycling properly. *Heathens*
BUT…I have made strides in the cat and dog relations.
Ozzie and Maisy
And lets face it, there was a big need for this kind of peace.
Wasn’t there?
Cocoa and Krispy
Get it? Cocoa Krispy?
Perhaps most dogs and cats can have a good friendship.
Maybe my perception of the dog/cat relationship was what I learned from 70’s cartoons. 
*Damn Hanna Barbera*
I dunno…but I thought it was funny to capture all four of these incidents over a two hour time-frame.
 Ozzie, Cocoa and Harley

 Ozzie and Maisy. (Or is that Krispy?)
Did you notice that all our critters are color coordinated?
I totally didn’t do that on purpose. 
And in other news: 
our snake Freddie the Freeloader has a new home.
After 7 years living here, we found a responsible human who would give him more attention than he was getting here.
I was kinda sad….especially since he matched the other pets. 
*snicker snicker*
If something living/breathing and orange shows up on the front porch…I’m moving. 
Ok, now for the rest of my “To Do” list…..I’m gonna be busy for a while.

23 thoughts on “After this, I’ll take a stab at world peace.

  1. I think that what you accomplished is SO major! You really need to run for some big important office! Snakes scare me. I literally screamed when I saw him. Good riddance. I mean, good bye sweet snake : )


  2. Loved the pictures! We had a cat that insisted on sleeping with the dog. The dog was old and didn't like it very much. He would be on the porch and the cat would lay down by him…and he would move…then the cat would move…then the dog. Finally the old guy would give up and let the cat be. Neighbors would always comment on the cute pair. The dog never got over it. we did buyr them next to each other in the end.Happy Thursday!


  3. Bringing up two people who are not prejudiced is no small contribution, Suz. Isn't it wonderful that our \”kids\” don't think of their friends as \”gay friends\” or \”black friends\” but simply as \”friends?\”


  4. Should I be alarmed that, just before reading your \”Get it? Cocoa Krispy\” line, I thought, \”Oh! Just like Cocoa Krispies!\” ? Suz, we think alike…except for one thing: that snake would NEVER cross the threshold of my home. THAT creature is alarming.I love these photos of animal world peace. Maybe you could submit them to a contest?


  5. Oh how I wish we all would just get along –no matter who we are, what we look like, what age we are, etc… I saw a horrible video today of a 68 yr. old woman getting verbally harrassed by a group of young teens. Made me cry.. What has happened to respect? (Now –I'm on my soapbox.) Glad your kitties and doggies love each other. Maybe we humans can learn a lesson from them..Hugs,Betsy


  6. Anonymous

    My mama would say \”I just wish we could all get along!\” Looks like your pets are doing great. Such sweet photos. It's a very coordinated crowd!


  7. Anonymous

    Awww, Cocoa does look like our Izzy girl. I'm trying to get dogs and raccoons, dogs and bunnies and dogs and birds to 'just get along'. Not having much luck either!


  8. look at everyone getting along!!!! i think they got wind of freddie leaving and they figured they should make an effort to get along or they'd be next 🙂


  9. It looks as if you are already doing a great job of bringing about peace in the world. I'm not sure I would appreciate the snake, even if he was color-coordinated with the rest of the family.


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