Never a dull moment.

I never have to go very far for something to blog about.
I had scheduled for our propane tanks to be filled this week. Nothing extraordinary about that.

Yes, my tanks are over-sized. Thanks for noticing. For inquiring minds, the gas is for our grill and hot tub.

Yesterday, the driver/truck followed me in through our electric gate when I was pulling in from work…. She backed up that beast of a truck to the middle of our long driveway and I met her at the back of her truck after I parked in the garage.
The driver was so nice. So sweet: So Kelly.
I commented to her that I was worried about her backing up through out gate….it’s been hit before. {big brown truck!}
She said: Nahhhh…piece of cake. 
I told her the propane tanks were at the back of the driveway, she went to her truck to pull back further so she could do her job and I went into the house to my jobs.
A few minutes later I took a peek out the side window to see how she was doing and I noticed something unusual.

That is our gate keypad attached to the front of her bumper.
Concrete slab and all. 
And she had no idea.
I may have cussed in the privacy of my own home. A couple of times. 
I found her at the propane tanks and she was so sweet and delightful….telling me that one of our gauges needed replacing and it was no charge and blah blah blah…chatty happy lady.
I smiled and listened, cause that is what I do.
All the while I’m thinking: How am I going to tell her what she did???

Then I said: 
Um, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you took down my keypad with your front bumper…. 
Then you drug it to it’s death up the entire length of our driveway. 

She was beside herself. She did not see it because her truck was so high up…it was a pure accident. 

Her truck is that blue speck at the back of the driveway. The keypad had no luck in getting away.
She was so sorry. What could I say? I knew they were insured and things happen. I knew it would get replaced…I wasn’t worried about that. I was concerned for her job. For her mindset. I hate it when I do stupid stuff. It hurts my brain.
And no, Cocoa was not choking in that photo. She was throwing up because even she knows this gate has been such a nightmare to maintain.

After a few phone calls, and us both taking photos for insurance purposes, she pulled her truck to the end of the driveway…I was down there getting the mail and wondering how much of an issue it would be to have this replaced and working again.
She got out of her truck again and looked at where the keypad used to be.
She shook her head and threw her hands up in the air and kind of chuckled.

I did the same thing and said:

What are you gonna do? 
It’s toast, I laughed.

She laughed and said:

You are the most pleasant customer I have ever had….and I’ve wronged you the most!

You just can’t get upset about stuff out of your control. But I did enjoy controlling my gate.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend without any accidental run-overs!

28 thoughts on “Never a dull moment.

  1. Anonymous

    I'm glad you or the girls were not standing there!!! Yes, you are right; it was an accident and at least it can be replaced. Wishing you a good weekend.


  2. Bless her heart. I, too, hope her job is still fine. In the big scheme of life, no animals were hurt in this production and neither were any people. You had a great attitude and might as well because there is no use raising our blood pressure about things and ruining our health.


  3. I used to drive a big farm truck…filled with grain to the grainery…never hit anything though…but I did notice that the men were extra careful when I arrived there. No key pads…just had to drive onto the scales before and after unloading.How long will it take to get fixed?TGIF!


  4. Anonymous

    Ya, I would have done the same as you… said the \”F' word inside the house and then gone outside all peaches and cream sweet… LOL Because really… it was just an accident and we all have them now and then, don't we? Poor girl must have been totally red-faced. So, Why is your dog puking?? LOL


  5. I have no doubt that your calm attitude saved the day for her. As you well know some people would have made her feel even more awful. Glad that you can put things into perspective. Heck, I always knew you were one of the nice guys.


  6. You are such a sweet person! Her truck must have been very loud to have not heard that thing scraping along the cement the entire way up the driveway. Good heavens!


  7. Oh good grief!! Thank goodness you saw it, who knows how long she would have driven around with part of your house/gate on her bumper!And can I just say this just reinforces for me that yep, you are as sweet as you seem. Not everyone would have handled this with so much grace.


  8. Suz, you are so good-natured! You should be teaching classes, you really should.That poor driver! Your poor keypad! Fortunately, the keypad has no feelings and no job to protect. It did have a pretty rough day, but that driver…she is going to have to answer to someone. You are probably the customer she will remember (with affection) for the rest of her life. Well done!


  9. You have a GATE around your house?! Posh. 😉 WOW, when I first saw that picture – I thought that was a propane filling gizmo. Didn't even realize what it was. Poor Suz. It's toast.


  10. It reminds me of that statue in front of Kevin McAllister's house on Home Alone LOL. Remember how every vehicle would knock it over? Yep, it's toast but at least you kept your sense of humour intact. That's karma, it will come back to repay you for it.:-)


  11. You are so right..stuff happens! And things can be replaced. So good of you to be the best customer she's ever had. I'd much rather wear a ribbon for that than for being the worst you-know-what she's ever dealt with. ; ) I learned to let A LOT of stuff roll off after dealing with so much illness in our family. It's just not worth the grief most of the time. Love it..and love you, my friend! : )


  12. I think the title of this post is descriptive of most of your days. I hope you are able to soon get the keypad replaced. I'm glad you didn't let this incident get you down.Have a great Fourth!


  13. Arrived here to wish you a very Happy 4th of July and I still hope it is a great day for you, even after I've read about this heinous Keypad Murder 🙂 Obviously, the TRUCK did it with pre-meditated intent, and the driver was the patsy (even though she's a Kelly) for the blame.And you didn't fly off the handle in front of the lady (ranting inside the house is healthy, I think, as I do it a lot!)…but think how the truck might have quaked, had you shown up with a baseball bat, ready to dent that pretty blue paint job!Now, enjoy a big-girl beverage of your choice and have a Happy 4th, and a quiet rest of the week!


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