Looks good in a shirt. Kinda

I’m taking a small and needed break from my ‘puter. 
I beg of you, please don’t do anything fun or interesting for a few days….and I don’t beg often. Or ever. 
 If I find out you had fun or did anything remotely interesting I’ll be forced to send Ozzie over to your house where he will then raid your t-shirt drawer. 
And I don’t think you want that. 
Now do you?

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Date night~Late night.

Thankfully the Coach is not the jealous type….because I do have another boyfriend besides him.
Of course, this is a long distance relationship and we usually only see each other once a year. We’ve been dating yearly since 1996, but recently had a three year break. Do you remember Ross and Rachel’s break?
It wasn’t that kind of break.
But on Friday night, we were reunited and it felt so good.
Before our actual date, we had dinner. {Heather, PJ & Suz}
Of course, my REAL boyfriend was with me too. 
Can you believe I sat at this table for almost an hour and a half and didn’t even notice that fish on the wall? It appears that I was actually looking AT it too.

My well connected friend Heather got us the ‘hook-up”. I was bummed since I couldn’t get tickets to the show, and she made a call. 
Don’t you wish you had friends like Heather? Attractive, funny AND connected. 
Well, you don’t, so stop wishing.
Notice the No Cameras OR Video. It didn’t say “NO small blue camera apparatus that also takes video.”
Rule makers need to be more specific with me.  
Those are VIP box seats with drink/food service. yeah buddy.
I’m not an official poll taker. Or pole dancer. But I’m going to estimate that 90% of concert attendees {whether it be DMB, Raffi or the Wiggles live} are pro for the legalization of Mari-Ju-Wanna. 
Even these older peeps in front of me.
Despite my bad photos. {wine much?} We did have a great view of the stage in our nice high top/swivel bar- stool booth. I likey. 
My calves were crying on Saturday…all that dancing. Sans pole.
The Coach and the girls headed to another town on for a softball tourney….and I drove back home alone.

Well, I’m never actually alone am I?

 Yes, Ozzie always looks like he might be dead when he sleeps. Eyes half open, tongue out.

Of course, my other boyfriend still followed me home. Stalker.

As I am writing this on Sunday morning, I still have the smell of mari-ju-wanna imbedded in my nostrils. 
And I’m craving chocolate waffles. Second hand smoke much? 
Was it worth losing all those brain cells? TOTALLY DUUUDE.