19 thoughts on “Boo Boo’s and such

  1. Too funny! I have several boxes of character band-aids in my closet. Spiderman, Sponge Bob,Scooby Doo, and Pokemon, just to name a few!BTW, your invite should be arriving any second…


  2. Anonymous

    Oooh, I want so Hello Kitty bandaids and I'm not even a cat person. Way cool!!We are pretty well prepared too. Come to our house with a cut, bruise, rash, cough, etc… we probably have the cure. LOL


  3. Since we have all that, plus steri-strips, butterfly bandages (in assorted sizes), benzoin tincture, gauze pads (in assorted sizes), rolled gauze, tape (cloth and waterproof, in assorted widths), moleskin, sterile eye wash, eyepatches, ear plugs, ear drops, nose bleed foam strips, hemostats, ice packs, ace bandages, finger splits, wrist braces, arm slings, ankle braces, walking boots, and crutches, I'm gonna have to say acciden…..well prepared.Definitely well prepared. Definitely not accident prone. 😉


  4. Your first aid kit is so the opposite of ours which usually consists of a roll of duck tape and some tylenol! and in real emergencies – panty liners – the boys HATE that but the liners are quite absorbent :>)


  5. my hubby is so accident prone that our boo boo box is one of those big huge craft boxes FULL of stuff. we have it packed with rolls of gauze, ointments, bandages, tapes and such. he can't do one project without hurting himself. and it usually requires stitches. but he won't go because he \”is way to busy for that nonsense!\” lol MEN!!! such babies! at least we are prepared!


  6. There is also that little thing called nothing is made like it used to be and if you don't buy 50 kinds of bandaids you will never have one that works because they either fall off 5 minutes after you put them on or rip your hair off with the force of a bad wax job – their is no in between with these things!


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