My sweet little bundle of joy is 19 today!
Where does the time go?
It was just yesterday that I was putting up a gate to keep her from climbing the Christmas tree. {monkey!} 
And almost 19 years later she would be wearing the Christmas tree skirt. But who hasn’t worn one?
A lot of good that gate did us. 
If you didn’t know it, Lo REALLY loves to bake.
And eat baked goods!

She is as pretty as a picture….

as well as cerebral; studying both psychology and criminal forensics.

Let her pick your brain…she loves that.
But of course, we have to mix in some blonde moments too…she is related to me. 

She loves to dress up and listen to hip hop music…
AND dress down and country line dance. 
She loves UFC fights. {and the fighters}
And giving her sharpies a workout.

Colorful much? Talented much? YES!

And funny too. Her Facebook status today:

If I was Jesus, today would be Christmas.

Happy birthday to my LoLo!!!!
I couldn’t love you anymore.


26 thoughts on “*19*

  1. Happy Birthday Lo Lo. How can she be 19? Can you please tell them both to stop growing up? This is no longer acceptable. PS I love wearing my Christmas skirt too… : )


  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LOLO!!!!!!As crazy as it sounds, I'm really glad Monkey and Lo share a birthday. Thank the sweet Lord Monkey is only turning 1. I don't even want to imagine her at 19!!I've been watching your \”babies\” grow up for over 5 years now. I just can't believe they're all grown up. They have become such beautiful young women, both inside and out. You and Coach must be overflowing with pride.I can't wait to see the photos next week of the birthday bash. 🙂


  3. awwww, happy birthday LOLO from JOJO!! haha hope it was a great and fun one!! i didnt know it was on friday the 13th tho….geez…..hope she played that all up for what it was worth!!!! lol have a great weekend suz! looks like it is starting off right, PARTY TIME!!! i assume my invite got lost in the mail? ahem….cough, ok…..lol.


  4. Happy birthday to LoLo. She's a beautiful girl, and she seems to have your sense a humor, too – and nothing keeps life interesting like a sense of humor.


  5. How could this girl not be precious with a mom like you?!!!!! Hope her birthday celebration(s) was GREAT! She is a patient and creative person to do that kind of painting with those markers. Is she going into a field that will use artistic design?


  6. I know, I totally should have seen this on Friday. But then I got busy and… Oh wait! I forgot, this isn't about me and my issues.Happy Birthday to your Baby Girl. I am loving that black dressy number she's sportin' in that photo above. Gorgeous girl. But most of all, I'm diggin' that UFC fighter she's loving up! See how I made that about me again!Seriously, I just love her mostly because she reminds me of how I picture you and that age. But without an 80s home perm!So once again, I'm sorry that I'm late. And Happy Birthday \”Baby\” Lo!m.


  7. I am totally behind on commenting….but wow! What a girl! So talented…I know she's going to go far and you'll be there cheering her on…and taking pictures. Happy birthday, Lo! : )


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