Pottery blast from the past….as well as the not so passed past.

I have really been dedicated to working out lately. I’m was so sick of feeling blah…and you know what? I might not have lost any weight, but I’m feeling more fit.
I got rid of my moo moo’s and got one of those fancy smancy brazillian bathing suit bottoms. YOU should have seen the faces of the ladies at my Elaine Powers group!
Do you remember Elaine Powers ladies only gyms? I remember seeing my Mom going in there and wondering: What the freak is she doing to herself?
That is so far off the topic I was going to cover today. But the name Elaine Powers has been in my head….so I had to let her out.

Ok, the pottery. A few of you asked about our pottery pieces after they were fired….and of the ones we have done in the past.
Well, the past starts at 2002, so I will spare you photos of ALL OF them.  
 Sometimes the plate was made for a reason. Like these two for Fathers’ day. I call them snack plates for the big man…and I’m not referring to Santa.
 Sometimes the back of the plate is just as special as the front…
 A partial of Lindsay’s collection. The zebra at the bottom left is the most recent. 
 Again…sometimes the bottom is just as good as the top.
 Lets just guess who these were crafted by. Go ahead. Guess. 
 A partial view of LoLo’s collection. The round/large one on the top right is her newest creation. She loves Zentangle.
 We can’t visit the pottery place without remembering this plate she made in 2012. She DID love bugs. 
 Ok, she still kinda likes bugs. 
 This is my newest creation. You can tell what my thought process was…{grapes} but it doesn’t always come out how we ‘think’ it will. 
As I said before, I think these are actually pasta bowls, they are wide and shallow. {sounds like my derriere}
But I don’t really do pasta….but yes I DO love carbs though. It’s not like I live in Hollyweird or anything like that.

 Anyhoo…this size does make for a great salad bowl. Lord knows I can make a salad.
{That weird looking patty thing is a spinach/chickpea patty.  Coach bought them for me from Costco. They are really good!}
So, are you sorry you asked now? See sometimes you get what you asked for and you were just being polite. And that’s ok too…just don’t complain about it later. 

Have a great weekend ya’ll. And please, have at least ONE salad. Your colon with thank you.

20 thoughts on “Pottery blast from the past….as well as the not so passed past.

  1. I can't do pottery or paint or anything artsy to save my life. So congratulations, you're finally better at something than I am! Don't act all smug though. It's unbecoming.And I agree, I love the flip-side of those plates too. Ah, memories\” like the corners of my mind\”.Oh, I just thought of something. When you are finished with a plate, do you say to it \”You're Fired\”? I would!m.


  2. Love the painted pottery! Especially the bees :)That photo of the \”exerciser\” brought back some funny memories here…the original shake weight…LOL!


  3. Suz! Sorry I asked? No flippin' way! I am intrigued! I love the plates and the messages. You sure do make one heck of a bee! That buzzing plate is incredible : )Laughed about your wide and shallow but.Mine is wide and something. I don't know if shallow is the word. Maybe : )I hope you have the most fantastic weekend ever. I am watching CNN about the Colorado shooting and I am so sad.


  4. I'm pretty sure I would eat more salads if I had a neat bowl like the ones you created. This is a very impressive collection. All three of you ladies are very talented.


  5. Suz, I'm so glad you showed as all the pretty things you guys have made. You all are really very talented! I can't draw or paint to save my life…LOVE the bee pottery… 🙂


  6. I love your collection! We have one of those places here in our little town. If you come to visit the Pacific N.W., we should go there and make a souvenir.I have noticed that you looked more svelte lately. Remember that \”muscle weighs more than fat,\” so even if you haven't lost pounds, you are probably more buff. Be proud of yourself – well done!


  7. Hi Suz, I love all of your pottery…. There are so many memories there…. TERRIFIC–and all, so pretty…That salad looks GREAT. We eat ALOT of salads here… They definitely are good for us, and I love the crunch!!!!Have a wonderful weekend…Hugs,Betsy


  8. You have excellent artistic skills. Your stuff looks like the real thing. What I draw is only recognizable to preschoolers.All the pottery – – – the memories of your times together must just flood all over you.Zentangle – – – cool word and I looked online at it. Thanks for increasing my vocabulary and my knowledge. It's something you will have to do on a regular basis now!


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