Like Weeds.

It was just the other day that we celebrated my fourth year of blogging. 
And by *WE*….. I mean ME.
*Clearing throat*
So anyhoo….when I started this little blog thingy this was my youngest baby. 
Um…time flies when you are living life.

Guess who started 11th grade last week.
She had to wake me up to take her photo. This is the first time ever that I don’t have to transport any bodies kids to school.

I honestly never thought I would see that day.

Here is my first born baby LoLo when she started 10th grade back in 2008!
I know she is going to hate this picture. 

Lolo started her 2nd year of college last week.
Some changes this year…
*she is living back at home and not on campus.
*She retired from softball. {I know} She has been playing since she was 5 years old.
*She is very much looking forward to being a student and not a student-athelete.

I didn’t get a photo of her on her first morning back to school….but I did get a photo of her on her first day of WORK!
Yep. She is a working girl!!

**work it girrrlllll**

Isnt’ it funny howgirls nowadays become teens they learn how to ‘pose’?
I am slow…I just learned last week how to do it.
{Shift to the side a bit, bend one knee, Posture!}

And perhaps some of you long time readers will remember my Cuz Chris.
{Chris and Linds at Chris’s West Point Graduation in 2006}

Chris is a captain…ummm wait, he is also a battalion commander in the army. He is now stationed in Germany and has seen more of Afghanistan that anyone should.


Well….my sweet, smart, cute and funny as heck Cuz can also now be called Daddy!

He and his wife just had their first little baby…and by little,  I mean large. {Just shy of 10 lbs}
A new little boy in our family…and I am so happy for them!

So that means….my Cuz Patrick is now and Uncle!!!

So much good stuff to share.
Aren’t you happy you stopped by? I knew you would be!


Windlessness and a blog-o-versary

Thank you all for thinking about us concerning rain + slight wind hurricane Isaac.

More prep work than was necessary.
The girls and I could have spent a few hours watching netflix baking for the homeless.
Oh well. The girl scout in me kicked it into high gear and we were prepared.

For your kindness, I am going to put all of you in my diary will.

I lifted that from Facebook. You know I don’t have plastic furniture.
Ok, I do have some plastic furniture….and this is what WE did to it to keep it from becoming a projectile.
Turns out, this is a great way to clean them too!

Jim Cantore didn’t even need to leave the comfort of his home. Funny though, Sam Champion from Good Morning America was on one of our beaches on Monday morning.
I didn’t venture out to see him.
I don’t trust men who highlight their hair. Ever.

 I almost forgot, we actually DID have some damage.

A palm frond fell. 
The brown one way back there is from our neighbors tree. If we hadn’t had our palms trimmed a few weeks ago, it would have taken us a day to clean up brown fronds.
Dodged that bullet.

Our peeps on the East Coast did get a lot of rain and flooding…which is bizarre since Isaac was over on this side. Oh well, I’m NOT a meteorologist.
I’m a mixologist. 

I DO pray that those who will be visited by Isaac are as lucky as me….the good people in his path deserve to be spared!
In case you didn’t know it, today is my blog-o-versary. 
Four years.
842 posts.
{4 of those posts were actually about something}

I expect shiny objects to be showing up at my door any minute.
*peeking out front door*
Um, you guys must be wrapping them up right now.

You know that YOUR comments are a gift to me. No wrapping required. 
I mean really, could YOU crack me up any more than you do?

A little bone I need to pick though, some people actually read my blog but don’t bother to leave a comment. 
I don’t accept that type of behavior. 

Some of the bloggers that started out with me have gotten so lazy that they just quit.
Do you know how many times I’ve thought of doing that? About 240 times. This year.
 Quitting is for quitters.

Does that last line look like Quilting is for Quilters?
Well, that is a true statement as well. 

And If I don’t write at least a few times a week, then my Mom will actually CALL.ME.ON.THE.Phone. 
C’mon now. DON’T BEE lazy!