~Pura Vida~

We spent eight magical days in Costa Rica!
What? You didn’t notice I was gone?
See…this is the kind of stuff that keeps you from getting invited. 

The girls each brought a friend and the Coach brought me. I brought one of my multiple personalities. her name is: I’monvacationdammit. 

I won’t bore you today with our entire trip, I mean, I only have 1406 photos in my arsenal. Plus 55 videos of us zip lining, ATV-ing, Golf carting, snorkeling, tubing, wake boarding, knee-boarding, paddle boarding, surfing, boating, catamaraning. Sounds like I am just making stuff up now. 

In Costa Rica they have a saying: Pura Vida. You will hear this many times during the day from everyone and their brother.

Pura Vida literally means Pura = pure and vida = life, but “Pure life” in Spanish would be “Vida pura” instead, so the real meaning is closer to “plenty of life”, “full of life”, “this is living!”, “going great”, “real living”, “Awesome!” or “cool!”. It can be used both as a greeting or a farewell, universally known in Costa Rica and it has been used by many Costa Ricans (and expatriates) since 1956.

Every single person we encountered was pleasant, friendly and full of personality. Even if they spoke little English…they were happy to see us. 

Thank heavens I know how to say Cervesa, Banos, Hola, Muy Bien, el vino, gracias, por favor and agua. 

Frankly, that was more spanish than I needed to know.

We saw a lot of monkeys.  Of course, Monkeys DO have a schedule to adhere to. You can only spot them in the mornings between 5-7 am.
Or in the afternoons between 3-6 pm. 
I admire a critter with a schedule. Actually, they are only active when it is not so hot. Smart little boogers. 
Here is a group of howler monkey’s..
Notice that two of these captured here have babie’s on board. {sorry, the video quality diminishes when it is enlarged}
At the end you can hear Lo ask if I carried her and Linds like this as babies…the answer: OF course, what kind of mother wouldn’t carry her child on her back and swing from tree to tree?!?

I’ll share a few of the highlights in the future….actually, I could blog about this for the next month. But I won’t do that to you. 

Pura Vida!!! 

Oh, and wish us luck…..we are moving to Costa Rica. 

One day. 

19 thoughts on “~Pura Vida~

  1. Anonymous

    I noticed you had not been posting lately…. Just figured you were out doing some tree swinging or something. Will look forward to more of your vacay photos!


  2. I wish I could visit Costa Rica. But sadly, I don't have blonde hair. Hopefully they'll ease up on that rule soon.Welcome home and I'm glad you had a great time. Now get back to your day to day drudgery of laying about on the lanai.m.


  3. I love the name of one of your personalities. 😉 We don't go back to school/work until the 20th, maybe I should adopt that name until then… It sounds like you had a great and fun filled vacation. Now I want to see pics of you zip lining… 🙂


  4. I did too miss you, and am so happy for you that you got to do this! You & Coach are so generous, to share the experience with your girls' friends. Family vacations are so very important, as are the thousands of photo memories you took (as long as they didn't stop you from enjoying the moment – and knowing you, they didn't). Hola! Pura Vida indeed!


  5. Looks like you had an amazing trip!!! Am looking forward to many more pictures and stories. I promise I will never get tired of listening to your trip stories…says the girl that blogs a week straight about WDW. ; ) Welcome home. : )


  6. I knew it was about time for your vacation and knew it was going to be someplace great when you mentioned passports in one of your blogs – – – and then said you were taking a computer break.You look like you had a fabulous time or else someone paid you a lot of money to look happy!!! Of course, we will enjoy future updates with photos. Your pics are always great but your accompanying text is even better! Tell us (if you want) about your top 3-5 favorite parts of the trip – – – – and if you had a least favorite thing, too. We are so happy you are back – – – even if you wish you were still there.


  7. i missed you! but am so glad you had this adventure! and look at all that spanish you learned! only the important words 🙂 i am looking forward to seeing the rset of the pics!


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