Flashback; The Croucher

January 2000
 Naples Beach.
Lolo loves dirt, sand and critters.
August 2012
 Costa Rica, Providence of Guanacaste.
Lolo doing what she loves to do.

Luckily, some things {and people} never change.

Thank you to my smart and attractive friend Mark for teaching how me to make my photos ginormous.
And I thought he was only a pretty face.
If you can see the above photos…you can thank us both. 

19 thoughts on “Flashback; The Croucher

  1. I love this Suz! LOVE!!!!! Your little croucher is the coolest. XO PS Couldn't you make your pictures ginormous in Windows Live Writer? I thought so. Gosh I miss that program!


  2. Suz, we make a great pair! The photos look great and the quality of that second one is amazing in every aspect.And thanks for acknowledging my \”smartitude\”. It gets tiring being seen as just a piece of meat all the time.m.p.s. I couldn't keep a straight face with that last line. I crack myself up.


  3. Anonymous

    Love these photos and the size of them (thanks to Mark!) My brother has similar now and then photos of his daughter and it's fun to compare!


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