It’s windy in HERE.

Earlier this week I learned {from Face Book} that we had a cone of uncertainty heading our way. 
Me: What? 
A hurricane?

NOT this cone:
I had no idea …..I avoid almost all news media…so, this was NEWS to me.
Yep. I get my news from face book.
Please don’t worry though….I DON’T get my political  info from face book…. I wait for the recorded phone calls.

I approve this message. 


We don’t really freak out about hurricanes. I usually only freak out about someone being oblivious to recycling
or {gasp} talking with food in their mouth!
We will wait to freak out until it is time to freak out.
No need to waste energy freaking out before a freak out is necessary.
I won’t freak out until I see Jim Cantore at my front door. Then the freaking out will begin. 
Then again, Jim won’t show up here because:
 (a) I don’t live ON the beach and 
(b) I don’t live IN a trailer park. {anymore}
So. In more important news:
Do you ever wonder if you might be a candidate for botox or some other type of poisonous filler?
Me too:

Yep, I am a candidate, but I won’t be going there.
This year.

 Is that scary or what?
No makeup….and I shared with you my angry face. Not to be confused with my constipated face, although they are pretty much the same.

 But I did have my first ever chemical peel this week.
Actually, I had my acid trip chems a few hours prior to this hideous photo.
*tapping inner elbow*

If I were able to have a do-over…I’d like someone else’s neck.

And then the next day, I got a lot of my hair cut off.
Seriously, I am feeling lighter already what with all the dead skin falling off as well as snipped follicles.

Raise your hand if you can guess how many people noticed that I had several inches of my hair cut off as well as highlights.

If you guessed ONE. You’d be right.
And SHE didn’t even notice until 5 hours after we were together. 

Does anyone around here even LOOK at me? HELLO??
I was under the impression that I was just eye candy around these parts, but apparently I am morphing into someone who has values.
And by values, I mean cooking and cleaning.

p.s. I hate that last photo of me…I look like Pinocchio.
And if Gepeto were to be my padre, I’d have better legs!

See how I made this post all about me? Yeah, thats what THEY get for not noticing me anymore. Next thing you know, I’ll be getting a tramp stamp tattoo and buying a corvette. gag. 

Happy Friday!
Hopefully Florida won’t fly off the map this week.  Cause if it does…you’ll lose all of this free entertainment!

30 thoughts on “It’s windy in HERE.

  1. I expect you will handle the hurricane just fine, I mean what with the all new lighter you, if the winds are too strong you could just end up in Colorado and well, that wouldn't be so bad….


  2. As a fellow Trophy Wife, I must say that you look fabulous! And I'm not just saying that so you send those parsons chairs to me. Seriously,what are they, Pottery Barn with the P.B. slipcovers? Oh right, back to you!!! Geez! Yes, are those first three pictures of you in your bra? How brave!But seriously, I'm all for anything that makes you feel better about yourself. If, by the time you're done, you're looking like Joan Rivers, I'll be your Melissa.Your Friend, m.


  3. You joke but hurricanes are a serious matter. Now wrap yourself in a mattress, put on the Coach's high school football helmet and sit in the bathtub with a big jug of Margaritas. You can get the tat of your experience once the wind has died down.I love the haircut and so you don't feel alone and invisible my sisters husband shaved his mustache after 18 years (she had never seen him without one) and she didn't notice for four days – she said she thought he just had a swollen lip. and … I didn't think you needed the peel (or botox or ???)nothing can outshine your smile :>)


  4. Suz, you look great! Don't feel bad about no one noticing your haircut, happens here, too. We'll just have to show each other and ohh and ahh… Hope Florida doesn't get blown away, we still haven't made it down there… Stay safe!


  5. Anonymous

    If it feels good, do it? How did the chemical peel feel? I've never had one as I'm afraid to see what they would find beneath all the dead rubble on this face o' mine. Hey, I'll trade you necks… mine is sagging and bagging and really looking old this year ever since I turned 29. ;-)Stay safe… hope the hurricane stays far away from your door.


  6. You are too much! lol I, on the other hand, never turn the news OFF! That is the ONLY thing I miss about living in FL…The hurricanes. Well, at least you will look pretty facing the eye of it! xo Diana


  7. I hope the hurricane (and the entire cone of uncertainty) avoids your area completely. I would sure hate to lose my free entertainment (which is better than most entertainment I have to pay for).


  8. Glad you didn't freak out since it looks like the storm will miss you this time… YEAH!!!!!!! I am one to watch the news and the weather… Crazy me!!!!!! SO—I can be your weather girl if you don't like Jim Cantore….. ha ha Love the new haircut… You look marvelous!!!!!Hugs,Betsy


  9. Jim Cantore can come to my house anytime he wants! hehe! I really hate it when people don't notice changes. I dyed my hair from the silver gray it was to dark brown and no one and I mean no one noticed! What the heck is that all about?


  10. Your new 'do is adorable! You look fabulous. I am sure you didn't need that chemical peel, because you look just right as you are, but if it makes you feel sparkly-clean, I say go for it (you already went for it, so no need for my input here).I think it's hard for our peeps to really \”see\” us, when they see us every day. But here, you are always the star of the show!


  11. There's a cone out there? I was oblivious to it too. But then I don't live on the beach, although my mom lives not far from one, and I don't live in a trailer park either. Close, but not quite. Nobody noticed when I had over 2\” of hair chopped off either. They only notice if I'm going to drive them to school on my teddy bear pajamas. It's not like I'm getting out…You look wonderful! I just hope that one day I can look as good as you. Seriously. I'm still waiting for my grown up hair to grow in.


  12. how come your hair looks longer in the last photo? you are beautiful no matter what. no i am not just saying that. although, if i did would you forgive me for not noticing your hair at lunch? wait! forget it. you didn't notice mine either! i guess we were just focused on the fun spoons with dessert 🙂


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