Feeding the blog

Last week while driving in the car, Lindsay says to me: 
Did you know Neil Armstrong died?
Me: yes.
her: That is so sad.

Me: Yes, but honey, he was 82 years old…he lived a long and full life.
Her {with a confused face} He was THAT old? I had no idea….

Me: {Lightbulb over my head} Um, you might be thinking of Lance Armstrong; the bicyclist.
Her: Oh…..ummmmm…..yeah.

Me:  You just love to give me good blog fodder don’t you?
Her: Yep, I am food for your blog with my stupidity.

Of course, this is not stupidity…this is blond-itity…there is a difference.


24 thoughts on “Feeding the blog

  1. That is not stupid – – – Lance is fortunate to be alive after the bad cancer he had. And there are those of us old enough to remember his walk on the moon – – – it happened the month after I graduated high school!!!! So tell your daughters in forty years – – plus three, they will be my age! They should start blogging now so they will have documentation to help them remember it all.


  2. Oh how cute…. Typical teen and adult conversation. Sometimes I wish we adults had the zest and love for life and trustworthiness that teens have. Not a worry in the world; They don't know what is going on in this ole world… Wouldn't that be neat—not to know?????? Don't know why this post reminded me of this —but I love the innocence of teens.You have two fabulous daughters..Hugs,Betsy


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