Goings on: I am *someone*

*Someone* got to kayak for the first time ever last Friday. Leave it to my funny friend to de-virginize me; it was painless. The common theme for us: Laughter. Luckily no one could ‘kick’ us out of this place for laughing loudly or too much. 
“And if we were in the Olympics, I would be winning right now.”

I Only said *that* when I was ahead of her. If she was ahead of me, there was not a “pretend” olympics going on.
My imagination. My rules.
Some{dog}one turned 7 this week.

No party, no cake…but lots of love, belly rubs, kisses and a tiara.
The lifespan of a tiara in our house is 13 seconds.
*Someone* turns 45 next week. She expects love, kisses, back rubs and a cake.
I don’t even like cake, but I require one each time my digits get bigger.
Um, I do believe that puts me in a different demographic. Well, at least it does if I’m taking a survey.
Check your age box:
45-The end.
Survey says: Start over!
I used to think 45 was “old.”
Now I think it is “really really old”.
Well, unless you are older than me, then it is perfectly acceptable.
And by acceptable, I mean it beats the alternative!
Have a great weekend everyone. Have a glass of wine and a piece of cake in my honor.
Oh,  in Cocoa’s honor, lick your butt,  chase a squirrel up a tree, then sit there for hours thinking you are smarter than a squirrel.
Well, maybe just do my honors this weekend.

27 thoughts on “Goings on: I am *someone*

  1. I've never been kayaking but you made it sound like a whole lot of fun. Maybe I need to add that to my bucket list. I won't be having cake this weekend, but I will have a glass of wine for you. 😉


  2. Now why would you have a birthday right in the middle of my blogging break? That takes some serious nerve!By the way, don't tell anyone that I visited you today or they'll get all pissed because I'm not visiting them. But really, how could I miss my Big Sis's birthday? And let me tell you, I'm so totally stoked not to be in that 45-The End category.I hope that this is the best year ever for you. And now that you're old, do you have any words of wisdom for all of us? Seriously, I've been following you forever waiting for any hint of wisdom. ha!Happy Birthday!m.


  3. i ❤ you…and if "they" ever followed through and kicked us out, at least we'd be together…and we'd have just ONE MORE thing to laugh about us. i hope you get a new tiara for your birthday and you don't have to share 🙂 hope to see you tonite!


  4. I would love to be 45 again! That's how old I was when I had Son #2. Age is attitude and good fitness – I'm pretty sure you'd get the gold medal for both. As for the cake? Its simply a vessel to hold ALL THOSE CANDLES! (don't singe the brows as you blow them out). My b'day is tomorrow and I'm making sure my candles are stuck into a key lime pie :>) Have a great birthday my friend.


  5. You're just a baby – you haven't even hit the 5.0 yet!Happy Birthday to you and your precious pup.So glad you got to try kayaking. It can be great fun, especially in calm water. I imagine it's fun in warm water, too, but we don't have that here. ;)Now, can you please explain something to me (a Yankee without a pool): why are those big batting cages/fence thingys over the pools in FL? What is likely to get IN that people want to keep OUT (or is it the other way around)? Thank you for this, Suz, and have a great weekend!


  6. Happy birthday to you! Kayaking seems to be the thing these days. Looks like a lot of fun, if you like water. : ) I can't imagine tossing a camera between you both..in the water. You all are adorable. I'm glad you had a great time together. : )


  7. You look good in that kayak. Perhaps we'll see you in the 2016 Olympics? I hope you have a wonderful birthday and everyone spoils you all week. I hate to tell you this, though, but you are still a kid in my book!


  8. Awww! Love that photo of you kayakin'! Woo hoo! That looks like fun. You gals kayaking and laughing . . . reminds me of my last visit with my sis. We had WAY too much fun. 45 is totally not old, darlin'. And yay for cake and birthdays. Tiaras in our house don't even last that long 😦


  9. I am going to refrain from celebrating Cocoa's birthday as you suggested; however, I sure hope you had a FAB birthday! 45 is YOUNG!! =) And you look GOOD, so the heck cares! And how cool… about Kayaking! That looks like so much fun!!


  10. Haven't kyaked–is that a word?– in long time. Like since middle school. You look marvelous, darling! I have a birthday next week myself. I'm starting to hyperventilate just thinking about it….Hope you have a wonderful birthday week! I skipped the wine and headed straight for the tequila!!! All in your honor, of course. 🙂


  11. Happy Birthday, Girlfriend!! I'm just starting to get back in the groove over here, but I just had to wish you a happy, happy birthday. Oh, and remind you that you're older than me.You're welcome.xoxox


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