Getting my party on

I am such a lucky girl. I take that back, I am such a lucky OLD girl!
Some of my oldest (well, they are older than me) and dearest friends drove over from the East coast for my birthday weekend.
Dinner out on Saturday night. 
I was not feeling great…and it shows on my face. I’m fighting some sort of head cold virus.
Most likely it is the bubonic plague.
 I don’t want to be dramatic and worry everyone, so I’m going to search my symptoms on the internet.
Guess what?
Our friends Kelly and Don got me a boxer puppy!!
 Cocoa was IN love with him instantly!

 This baby has a foot fettish. If you stop moving, he sit’s on your feet. Ozzie didn’t know what to think. Then again, thinking is not a favorite sport of Ozzie’s. 
 What do you think we should name him?
Oh never mind….they took him home with them on Sunday. 
That’s it, I’m shopping for new friends!!!
Just kidding. It has taken me 25 years to get these two trained…why start over?

PJ and Heather brought their puppy son Super Boy with them. He is turning 3 this weekend!
It was just yesterday that Heather shocked us all by becoming impregnated. Surprised much? YES!

He is living up to his nickname. {super boy} He can fly!!

 And his smile melts Aunt Suz’s heart!
All in all it was a lovely birthday weekend for me. Next year, when I turn 45 again, I hope it is just as good. I have wonderful friends, a wonderful family and even wonderful dogs!!!

Of course, I could not leave out what fabulous blog friends I have. Thank you all for your sweet notes …..I feel special. And not in that weird/creepy kind of way either. 

 I can’t wait to share with you my gift from the Coach….his sweetness never ceases to amaze me. I’m a lucky old girl!

20 thoughts on “Getting my party on

  1. Anonymous

    Good Morning, So sorry to hear you are sick. Maybe you could have a \”do-over\” on the birthday when you feel better?? Looks like a special group of friends, and Super Boy grows cuter each time I see him! What a sweetheart. Love the puppy, too. Wishes for you to feel better soon. Remember to live it up the next 10 years!!!!! (I can tell you that 55 is OLD)


  2. Sorry to hear about the plague. As my hubby sweetly says to me sometimes…sticks to be you. Almost gives me a tear when he says that after I give him a long explanation of some minor drama that happened on any particular day. It makes it ok when he says 'sweetie' at the end. I really do hope you feel better soon. Not fun being sick. Love the time you spent with special peeps. Can't wait to hear about your present…sqeee. Don't wait three days to post about it, k? ; )


  3. Anonymous

    This post just squeaks of cuteness! Oh. my. goodness. That puppy!!! Two boxers is almost more than we can handle and I think a third puppy would drive me to my grave trying to get it trained, but OH WHAT FUN and how stinking cute! Can you tell you got me all excited?


  4. I can't wait to see what the Coach did for your gift! and I was so excited to see your new, and so very adorable, puppy that I almost ran out and got one for myself – and then sadness set in when I heard he is not going to live with you but with his other parents (do you get every other weekend visitation rights?)Glad you had a great birthday in spite of feeling unwell. Feel better soon. I'm sure it's just cake overload – or maybe all that wine :>)


  5. Sounds like you have wonderful friends! But then how could you not… 🙂 Sorry you didn't feel so good on your birthday, hope it was tons of fun anyway. Can't wait to see the gift your hubby got you…


  6. Love the photos. I do hope you're feeling better now. If Coach, friends, dinner out, puppies and 3-year-old boys don't help, I don't know what will! 😉 Oh, and that gift? I can't wait to hear about it, watch you open it & see it!


  7. I am missing so much being stuck on this sofa after my hip surgery. So, happy belated birthday. Your posts always bring a smile to my face and more times than not an out burst of laughter, thank you.


  8. You got some wonderful action pictures to keep for memories. The puppy – – and the boy are both adorable! It's obvious everyone had a great time on your birthday – – and if you are well now from whatever ailed you, then that is a great gift, too!


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