My Little Birdies work in the Helpful Department

This weekend while our friends were here the girls {Kelly & Heather} and I did what we do best. Criticise.
No, not that.
We shopped.
I’m not sure how the convo got started, but Kelly said she had never been to World Market before.
Heather and I gasped! 
I mean, that is pretty much a sin in my book. Have you been to World Market?
Are you a sinner?
I know you are even if you’ve shopped at World Market….or else you wouldn’t get my humor. 
I am full of sinners’ humor.
Anyhoo….we spent a good amount of time in the store and I think we each {in our imagination} redecorated 3 rooms in each of our homes.
Me? I saw the banquette/settee’s right off the bat and 
 I sighed *I always wanted one of those at my kitchen table* And I sighed again.

I have to let you in on a little convo the Coach and I had last week that has nothing to do with my kitchen table. 

Me: I’m thinking about getting a bigger couch in the living room. The one we have is too small.
Coach: Who uses it? Hardly anyone, right?
Me: I sit in there all the time so I don’t see the mess my people leave all over the family room. {The living room is always clean} Plus, we use it during Christmas and parties.
Coach: Well, I’m certainly not in charge of the “Furniture Department” here, so you do whatever you want, it won’t bother me. 

Then I thought: What department is he in charge of? Automotive. Shipping/receiving. Softball. Direct paycheck deposit. Killing bugs.

Yeah, we all have our departments at home. Just like at work.


So anyhoo…The girls and I piddled around World Market for a while and sat on/touched just about everything.
Cut to my actual birthday; Monday.
The Coach comes home from work before we go out to dinner and drags in a huge box.
Guess what he got me.
 If you guessed a banquette/settee, you would be an A+ guesser. 
FYI, We like calling it a “settee” while  saying “settee” with a very snobbish French accent. 
Talking snobbish while in the comfort of your own home is simply delightful. 
{In my mind, I just said that above sentence in my French-Snobbish accent} 
Ozzie approves even though he is not allowed to join us on it.
I am the queen of the furniture department! I just crowned myself.
Do you sometimes feel like laying down after a good meal?
Well, this certainly cuts out the need to exert yourself by waddling all.the.way.over to the couch.
{Guess what show I am watching on Netflix}
Please pay no attention to the nekkid media cabinet…the top is being repaired. 

 I love it so much I can hardly stand it.
And after all this, can you stand me?
Well, my little birdies never tire of me….and they are so good at helping the Coach shop!
Here is a blog post a few years ago that shows this same area with our regular chairs, older light fixture, no window treatments and our out-of-date wall unit.
We’ve come a long way baby….and we don’t even smoke those lady cigarettes!

Have a lovely weekend ya’ll! If you need me, I’ll be on my settee…

22 thoughts on “My Little Birdies work in the Helpful Department

  1. LOVE the settee! What a great birthday present from your hubby! I guess I'm a sinner, I've never been to World Market before. 😦 I don't even know where the closest one would be…


  2. Love the settee! It looks like it was custom made for that spot. Good job, girl…and guy! ; ) That little area is much improved. And I'm so jealous that you can eat and watch tv at the same time. We used to be able to do that and now we can't. *sad face* Not that we'd do it all the time, but there are times…


  3. I'm a sinner, in more ways than one, but I've never been to World Market. I wish we had one. The settee is awesome!!!! Your husband got you on his radar doesn't he! How awesome!


  4. Anonymous

    LOVE it! Looks like it was custom made for the spot! Here in Atlanta, there is a Haverty's Furniture commercial about a girl and her settee!I am somebody….I've been to World Market!


  5. Oh my gosh. I freakin' love it. And I freakin' LOVE Coach! The only departments Gary is in charge of are the departents of GIVING ME THE MORTGAGE check and taking out the trash. He pretty much fails at the taking out the trash basis on a weekly basis. One time my friend Danielle posted a picture of her trash can and said it was a hint for her husband on facebook. Let's just say it was not overflowing. I showed Gary and told him I WISHED our trash can looked like that. He doesn't think taking out trash is a boys job. I totally do. I called my Mom to see if she thought so too and she told me she couldn't answer because she had to go take out the trash. Maybe I am weird. Any way, all of that to say, best settee ever in the history of all settee's.


  6. you are the queen! and now u have a purple tiara to prove it! i can't wait to come sit! it looks so lovely…and the laying down to watch tv (rescue me?) is the perfect lazy solution :)p.s…maybe you should demote coach from the head of the automotive dept…cuz he takes his job serious! lol!


  7. Anonymous

    Love Love Love! I cannot have any new furniture until we move. Can hardly wait as I am sick to death of all the old mish moshed junk in our house. I would totally take a nap and not even consider cleaning up the after meal mess in the kitchen if I had a settee.


  8. Love the settee. I've always wanted one, but was afraid the kids would fall asleep at the table and I'd have to clean up the kitchen all by myself!!! Yes, I am a sinner. But not as much of one as I would like. The closest World Market is like an hour away. And I'm way too lazy to drive ALL the WAY over there. Instead, I wander the aisles of their website which isn't as great as the actual store.


  9. I just had Fred read this and he agreed that your snobbish French accent is perfect! In fact, he felt a little inferior to you so that means that you really nailed it. Good job!And yes, the Settee totally works. Guess what else works? That pendant lighting. Bitch! I've been on Amazon and Overstock 24/7 looking for one and leave it up to you to actually have one. But I want mine in black and not some gay creme color.Okay, so what is that on Netflix anyway? Backdraft or something? I kinda recognize that dude with the early 90s hairdo but that's about all I get.Okay then, I'll shoot you a private email later. One in which I'm not calling your light fixture \”gay\”.Your Friend, forever, m.


  10. SUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. I am so JEALOUS!!! I have my Goodwill one, that's sitting in my garage. I need to do something with it.I LOVE HOW IT LOOKS IN YOUR KITCHEN!!Coach is the bomb.


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