Growing and Growling

I’ve been meaning to throw a little bit in here about my ever-growing Crape Myrtles.
I’m sure you all remember when I planted them back in May of 2009 in an effort to conceal our neighbors collection of crapola.
You did remember? You are cool like that!

May 2009; just little twigs!

I have good news! Our trees have been growing and so has my neighbors collection of crapola!
I’m kidding about the crapola. It may have actually diminished some. Or maybe that is my eyesight that has diminished. 
June 2010

All 20 of them are alive and well!

 July 2012
They don’t look that huge in the photo…but a few of them are over 8 feet tall. That means they are 6 feet taller than me!  And they bloom beautifully…I hope I bloom one day as well. 
When does puberty start? I must have missed it because I think mental-pause is creeping in. 
And by mental-pause, I mean I want to strangle most everyone I encounter.
So, do you want to come over and see my trees? Or are the photos good enough for you?
I’m just kidding about the strangling part.
No really. I only felt the urge to strangle anyone/anything last week twice….and that was when I saw Christmas decorations/displays being set up.
I can feel the Christmas anxiety creeping in.

If you need me, I’ll be out with my growing green-ness, sweating profusely and avoiding red mixed with green, silver and gold!

23 thoughts on “Growing and Growling

  1. Love the crepe myrtle's! Our neighbor gave us three a few years back and they grow like weeds in our area. Would love to come over and see your trees, just no strangling and hide the shank first – please. 🙂


  2. Well, of COURSE I'd love to come see your trees!! Then we could go choke some Christmas-display-making lunatics together. Thanks to my unemployment status, I haven't been doing much shopping (that, and the fact that I've been in Italy for a few weeks! tee hee!) but I'm sure it's happening here, too. Grrrr! At least knowing that will probably keep me from doing any unnecessary shopping, right?


  3.! I remember when you planted those. I had no idea it was so long ago. But they are growing..and very pretty! Christmas decs really bother me…I'm talking to YOU, Hobby Lobby! : )


  4. I planted a cedar hedge to block out my neighbors crap (I call it crap because it is worse than crapola). Sadly, cedars grow slower than the movement of a glacier – wish I could grow crape myrtles in our little corner of paradise :>) or better yet – I wish you were my neighbor!


  5. Wow, would you look at those beauties! Amazing what a few years can do! I'm afraid I'm on the other end of the blooming process. More like fall. Geeeeeesssss, I look at myself in the mirror and gasp!


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