Saving some land space and helping those who deserve it most.

I know for sure this will be helpful for at least 4 of you.
Do you have old VHS video tapes laying around your home? Cluttering up your life? I did too!
If you just asked what a VHS tape is…go and play with your iPhone 5. 
A few years ago I declared that I was going to convert them all to DVD’s and recycle them!
I did part of that.
That box of VHS tapes up above became this collection of DVD’s. 
Did you know that VHS tapes will eventually fade away? 
Much like my energy and youthful appearance. 
For me this seemed to be one of those ‘daunting, put off for as long as I can’ tasks.
And really, it was painless.  
Costco offers this service, as well as a bunch of other places. But I used Costco since I go there weekly on occasion. 
 You fill out a form and enter some information AT the store about the tape you want to convert. It takes about 3 weeks and you have the DVD’s back safely in your hands. Costco actually gives you TWO copies of each DVD. I keep a copy in our safe deposit box…right next to my hope diamond  passport.
They also send back your original VHS tapes too. Those puppies have been sitting in a box waiting for me to figure out how to dispose of them. You know that stuff is NOT going in the landfill. NoSireeBobCatTail!
So, I found two great ways to dispose of your old VHS tapes. (and other items as well)
{My brother’s 50th anniversary edition of this will stay with me till the end}
 GreenDisk is a site that kept popping up while I was searching my query. They will dispose of your VHS tapes {as well as many other things} For a nominal fee.   (I fit a lot of VHS in a priority box. It if fits, it ships. Kinda cheap)
You also pay a fee for anything up to 30 lbs ($9.95) and then .35 cents for each additional pound. Seriously, you could dispose of a smallish body with them for a good price.
I mean, if I wanted to do such a thing. 

{Did you know this is one of my all time favorites?}
 Another wonderful service {and the one that I went with} is ACT
I can’t stress enough how much I loved this group when I found it.
ACT is a non-profit private agency providing services to disabled individuals.
What they do in a nutshell: They help disabled peeps find employment.
And provide jobs for those who need it….and sometimes a job is not just a job, but making life more fulfilled. 
And this service is FREE!

{We had our Country phase, we lived in TX for heavens sakes}

About ACT:
Their Missouri headquarters and production floor employ over 50 people in erasing and repackaging donated video cassettes and floppy disks. By donating your old VHS tapes to ACT, you are not only saving money but you are also providing disabled individuals with career opportunities and helping them make their own money.

Does it get any better than that? NO…I don’t think so.

{I really thought I would watch these one day with my Grandkids. 
Grandma? What is a videeeooo tape?}
Small steps can lighten the load on our landfills. 
Hopefully my Grandkids will thank me….at least via text message.  
Or retina message. 
That is if my retina’s have not been replaced by an Apple product. yet. 
Today, my conscience is clean. I mean it is green. 
So, are you feeling green just reading this?
Wishing you all a beautiful green and non-cluttered weekend!

19 thoughts on “Saving some land space and helping those who deserve it most.

  1. Well let me pat you on the back. Excellent job. Our youngest found a children's book with a 45 (record) in it and yelled while laughing. \”Hey ya'll an old fashioned CD.\” And I don't believe they have ever seen a cassette player……Kudos to you for caring for the children's future. Some people said this is what we inherited, I say it's what we are borrowing from our children.


  2. We have that Wizard of Oz too!! My daughter had it memorized…so that lead me to hide it…she was 3!I finally got some oldies put on DVD at Costco too…they run a special every once in a while.TGIF!!!


  3. You are so green. I admire you. Just don't stand on your lawn so I can admire you, because you are so green that I won't be able to see you!I love it when you teach us valuable lessons and give us tips. Thank you! xoxo


  4. We have VHS of us as kids, swirling around in a field below the Alps, singing the Sound of Music. (Yep, we were cool) My mom has been talking about going to Costco, I am so glad to see that you recommend it! I saw Garth Brooks in 92 or 93!! My first concert EVER. Kentucky State Fair. LOVED IT!! =)


  5. Converting VHS to disc is so smart..and I had no idea you could recycle them. But leave it to the resident tree hugger to figure it out for all of us. : ) Glad you got them moved over. And woo hoo for Texas. (sorry, I couldn't help myself)


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