Zebra IS the new black

A few weeks ago Linds and I did an impromptu bathroom makeover, which started because we were near the bathroom section at Target. 
Sometimes that is all it takes; being in the vicinity of a department. 
ME: Linds do you want a new shower curtain? 
Linds: Yes! Can we have a Zebra print?
How about zebra artwork?
 And a zebra rug? Can’t have a zebra shower curtain and zebra artwork without a zebra rug.
 And seriously, who would dream of having a zebra shower curtain, zebra artwork and a zebra rug without having a black lava lamp. I mean Seriously? 
Yeah, that didn’t make sense to me either, but I was apparently wore down by this time. 
Of course, all this zebra-ness would make me happier if it stayed cleaner. This is about the cleanest that countertop ever gets…which is way below my standards. 
*breath Suz, breath*
{And yes that is a red bandana, Lindsay is part of the bloods, see why she gets away with so much?}
We re-did the girls’ bathroom several weeks ago and yet this morning, I realized I was the actual trend setter here. I’ve had this rug in front of my tub for a few years.

Copy Cat kids.

Happy zebra Wednesday!

20 thoughts on “Zebra IS the new black

  1. Anonymous

    Girls just wanna have fun and if that means zebra print everywhere in the bathroom then zebra print it is. Love the print on the wall. I'm sure all the Bloods and the Crips that come into your home will love it as well.


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