We’ve got spirits, yes we do, we’ve got spirits how ’bout you?

We attended our purple party last weekend. IT was full of purpleness.
It was a kind of a ‘run around’ just before we had to leave kind of day. Lolo was working all day (Linds was gone on a band/dance function) We had just a minute for her to throw on her very expensive dress and, snap a few photos with my little camera.

I took the photo and said: Oh, wait….you are both covered in spirits. And just for the fun of it, I wiped off the camera lens. 
See: Now it is better. I didn’t even use mineral spirits!
The Coach got a photo of Lo and I.  Hello? Glamazon…and of course our photo-bomber Ozzie.
And Coach took one more without Ozzie….but our spirit ‘baby’ has now joined us.
Seriously…maybe not a spirit ‘baby’ for me…more like a spirit ‘bloat’
Anyhoo….the party was quite lovely!
 A fun fun fun night!
They had a photo booth there with lots of props. See…I’m not the only silly one around here!
I’m still wondering which spirits joined us this night. No matter who, I’m sure they had a good time!

I pray that all you good folks in the path of Sandy are staying safe….she looks mighty spirited!

A little help for my {sissy} friends…

Are you there?

I’ve been super busy, bur I’ve not forgotten about you!
I have a few things that I’ve been meaning to share with you. Sharing is caring. 
And I care.
I have a confession.
Our dogs are major sissies.
Sissies who wear shirts on occasion. 
Thunder shirts.  AKA: A big loving hug for your pups. 

They won’t even smile for the camera….they are slightly ashamed. 
I take that back, Ozzie is a sissy and his sissiness rubs off onto Cocoa. 
Every rainstorm, he goes into panic mode and she follows suit.
At times his panicking is annoying. And by annoying, I mean I almost fall down because he is UNDER my feet and tracking my every move. LIKE a freakin’ ninja dog.
I then remind myself that he spent an undocumented amount of time on the mean streets all alone…who knows what he has suffered through. 
Then I give him a big hug and sing the thunder shirt song to him. I made up this song, you can’t use it. 
We got these this summer and they work somewhat. I think it helps Ozzie a bit, and if he chills out, Cocoa chills out. 
{read directions before using….unlike ME. Sometimes directions are there for a reason}
If a huge storm or a hurricane is predicted, add this 

…and your dog becomes a cuter version of Cheech or Chong. It is all natural stuff….not sure if it works for glaucoma though. 
So, did we learn something today?
If you have an aversion to learning, then I apologize.
Have a panic-free weekend!