Cookie and her trees

Sometimes the deepest thoughts travel through my head.
Such as:
If my Mom had named me Cookie instead of Suzanne, how different would my life be?
Tell me you haven’t thought the same thing.
And surely, you all want to see our baby Magnolia trees. My lawn guy planted them for me a few months back. My lawn guy has a name, but I love calling him ‘my lawn guy’.
We had two palms there before, one died, the other one committed suicide out of sheer sadness.
And people think trees are unfeeling? I beg to differ.
Anyhoo, I love these little magnolia trees. They bloom repeatedly.
The coach had one comment about them: Could we have found smaller ones?
They are all of 4 feet tall. By the time they are towering, I will be only ashes, my lawn guy as well.
Enjoy YOUR day!

19 thoughts on “Cookie and her trees

  1. Congratulations on your new additions, Cookie! And now that you mention it, you do look like a 'Cookie'.But I'm with the Coach on this one. I like 'em bigger too! In fact, what's the tree throwing that shade over your driveway? Just curious!I'm also curious about what your lawn guy calls you. I can only imagine.m.p.s. Where's the gatehouse?


  2. Maybe if you were named Cookie you wouldn't be so cheap and would buy larger magnolia trees! :)Seriously, Cookie would have made you far too cutsey and I would never read your blog. Suz is just right.


  3. Did Coach want you to buy bigger trees? Those are so cute! And in your climate, maybe they'll be fast-growers. Maybe if you go out there every day and whisper \”GROW\” to each of them, it will help. Prince Charles talks to his plants; see what happens! 😉


  4. Dey so beeeig. Okay, maybe not. But man, someday they are going to be beautiful. Unless, the spot is haunted from the apparent murder/suicide of the palms. You know what I mean, Cookie?


  5. Hi Suz, I love Magnolias. Can't wait to see those babies when they grow up… Magnolia blossoms smell the BEST!!!!Wonder what kind of person I would have been if my mother had have named me GERTRUDE, or Beulah, or Hattie……. ha ha ha Hugs,Betsy


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