Speaking of ugly chairs

Do you remember watching Archie and Edith Bunker in All in The Family?
Surely you will remember the theme song?
Gosh….just hearing that brings back so many memories. 1971-1979 this show was a part of my life.

And again, I don’t know how we lived without TIVO.  Life must have been all sorts of hell back then.
Lucky for me, my parents hardly took photos, so I’ve got no evidence of this hell. 

Two things that always come to mind when I think of this show: 
{One} Edith Bunker was a version of my beloved Grandma. She said what she thought and had a big heart. I have to say…my Grandma was not as ditzy, but just as lovable. 
{Two} Archie Bunker’s chair. He sat in that thing like it was his throne; barking orders, being unruly. 
We have our very own throne here….it belongs to the Coach.
 Please don’t worry. My Coach is not bigoted and small minded like Archie Bunker.
On occasion he is unruly…which is funny since that unruliness coincides with my PMS.
Go figure!!!! 
He does love his chair!
I actually asked him a few weeks ago to shop for a new one…this baby is almost wore out.
Like super duper wore out.

But then I remembered it is NOT only HIS chair…it is also Cocoa’s chair. 
It ain’t pretty…but it looks like it will be with us for a few more years!
{The chair and Cocoa}
Here is Archie’s chair.
Can you believe it is sitting in the National Museum of American History right now?
This makes our chair look awesome!
Speaking of ugly chairs, do you remember what TV show this one belonged to?
No cheating!
Have a great day.
I hope you have a little time to sit in a comfy chair…even if it’s ugly!

28 thoughts on “Speaking of ugly chairs

  1. I only saw a few reruns of the bunkers but laughed when I did, Loved fraiser…got rid of an old ugly chair we had about 5 years ago (it was a handbedown and about 30 years old) recently wished I had kept the darn thing.


  2. Frasier's dad, Martin Crane – in Seattle (fictional Seattle)!I love the upside-down photo of your dog. What in the heck? But now that I think about this, the cats do that, too – they just take up less space doing it.I loved watching \”All in the Family.\” It made me gasp, because it was so liberal and shocking at the time, but I think it was good for everyone – and funny, too!


  3. The Coach's chair looks way more comfortable than Archie's chair. I wondered about the creases on the back cushion and thought that The Coach must sit crooked and now I see that its from Cocoa The Dawg!Cocoa is very generous to let Coach sit there too.


  4. Cocoa sure has an unusually uncomfortable looking way of being comfortable in that chair! I'm sure your hubs is delighted that Cocoa has bought him a few more years of his favorite chair. 🙂


  5. I wasn't thinking of ugly chairs, but now I am.You can put leather stain on that chair, too, to make the wear less distinct.I did that once. Long ago…Far away…To an ugly chair.


  6. The chair in your last photo is the father's chair in Frasier. I used to have a special chair similar to Coach's, but it didn't survive one of my many moves. Coach may be willing to get a new chair, but I don't think Cocoa will agree. I used to watch All in the Family all the time.


  7. The 'ugly' chairs are usually the most comfy of all. The ugly chair in our house is George's computer chair… YUK… It is even patched with Duct Tape…YET—he doesn't want a new one… GADS!!!!Cold here this week. We have been enjoying a fire in the fireplace all week… Love it!!!Hugs,Betsy


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