She said WHAT?

I’ve been a busy bee….and I won’t bore you with all the piddly things that are consuming my time. 
It’s not all fun for me, so why would it be fun for you?
On the other hand….these little tid-bits might make you smile. 
“I can’t wait until I’m so old that I don’t care how I look anymore.”

The fourth hour of dress shopping for a special ‘purple party’ can do that to a girl.
Plus, being 19, fit and super cute must be harder than it looks. I’m just guessing here.

Score! Just after that statement, we hit pay dirt at my ‘happy place’. 
{yes, we are maxximista’s}
Wait till you see it ON her. {next weekend} Fo’shizzle, it was a steal!
Is it just me, or do I spend a good portion of my life dress shopping?

“Sometimes when I’m bored at school, I’ll stare directly at the back of the head of the person sitting in front of me. I stare so long and hard, that eventually they turn around. Then I quickly look elsewhere.   
People can ACTUALLY feel you staring. 
{me laughing} IT WORKS Mom, I’ve tested it”

What could I say….SHE TESTED IT!!!!

Happy Monday. Wishing you a week full of bargains and harmless science experiments!


24 thoughts on “She said WHAT?

  1. I used to say the same thing about getting older and not caring, but I look around at my mom and her friends, and it seems they haven't hit that age yet. When is it, like 80?


  2. they seriously crack me up! i think they get that from coach (hee, hee!!) i cannot wait to see the purple dress… i forgot to ask… did you return the alst homecoming dress and 5 bras?


  3. I can remember the angst of shopping for party dresses with my daughter. Thank goodness those days are over and she grew up without too much emotional baggage from the experience. Glad you found the perfect dress.


  4. Anonymous

    I spend a good deal of my life shopping as well. Not for dresses mind you, but lately it's been just about anything made of leather. Must be this cooler weather making me want to wear cow skin. LOL


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