From my bathroom to my backyard.

Do you see what is blooming in the crotch of my tree?
Did you even know my tree had a crotch? How about a pit? It surely has a pit. Perhaps that is more appropriate. But where is the fun in being appropriate?
This is my ‘bloomer’ after I tied her {bloom} up.
Remember way back when….I posted about ‘greening’ up the house with my sweet friend Kelly.
If you don’t, that is ok. The gist is, Kelly and I spent some time filling beautiful glass vases/jars with all sorts of plants/flowers for the inside of my house. 
This baby ended up in our bathroom on the shower ledge. {February 2012} 
Kelly is an expert in all things green…specifically orchids.
You know what? My MIL is also…I usually give them my ‘done blooming or sickly looking‘ orhids and they make them better.

The last time Kelly was here and I tried to pawn a few off to her she said: Stick them in one of your trees, gently attach them with twine or raffia and they will love it.
And again, she was right. 

See the roots attaching themselves. They are huggers. 
I’ve got at least 5 ‘out there’ on the property and that one blooming in the crotch today? 
It used to be blooming in my bathroom next to my shower. 
Fitting huh? 

Orchids love crotches. What are the chances of someone googling that and getting me?


28 thoughts on “From my bathroom to my backyard.

  1. I did – I googled it – you are not on page one. I couldn't look farther as there is some pretty disturbing stuff that comes up – not that I clicked through – but ewww to the other 'orchids love crotches' – not your post – your post is beautiful and now I'm jealous that I can't put my orchids in my crotches – pits – trees….


  2. Anonymous

    Orchids are easy my friend. Give them some orchid food once every month or so and they just grow grow grow. Especially when they are placed into a \”crotch\”…happy orchid blooms..


  3. I did not know that orchids could also be tree-huggers, but if it could happen, it would be one of your orchids, Suz – you're so green! And the crotch word? I predict you are going to have some new visitors here – and maybe some \”spam\” to weed through!


  4. Crotch humor….very funny….couldn't try putting an orchid in a tree here in CA…it would be dead in a week…although they grow beautifully in my garden window…just give them 3 ice cubes 2x a week :)Happy Tuesday!


  5. i saw some beautiful orchids at the grocery store in every shade of pink to purple to blue, they were breath taking, and since i gazed at them for quite awhile, i couldnt breathe. i nearly dropped dead gorgeous over those babies… as i am here writing this comment, you know i'm still kickin' but i LERVE that your trees have crotches! i have one too, but if an orchid starts growing out of mine i will shit myself…. ;P


  6. and here I thought I was going to see a porta potty in your yard because you were doing some big reno and getting rid of your zebra rug – didn't know I was going to an education in all things that don't grow well in colorado (though I am not complaining because I live here for a reason!)


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