A little help for my {sissy} friends…

Are you there?

I’ve been super busy, bur I’ve not forgotten about you!
I have a few things that I’ve been meaning to share with you. Sharing is caring. 
And I care.
I have a confession.
Our dogs are major sissies.
Sissies who wear shirts on occasion. 
Thunder shirts.  AKA: A big loving hug for your pups. 

They won’t even smile for the camera….they are slightly ashamed. 
I take that back, Ozzie is a sissy and his sissiness rubs off onto Cocoa. 
Every rainstorm, he goes into panic mode and she follows suit.
At times his panicking is annoying. And by annoying, I mean I almost fall down because he is UNDER my feet and tracking my every move. LIKE a freakin’ ninja dog.
I then remind myself that he spent an undocumented amount of time on the mean streets all alone…who knows what he has suffered through. 
Then I give him a big hug and sing the thunder shirt song to him. I made up this song, you can’t use it. 
We got these this summer and they work somewhat. I think it helps Ozzie a bit, and if he chills out, Cocoa chills out. 
{read directions before using….unlike ME. Sometimes directions are there for a reason}
If a huge storm or a hurricane is predicted, add this 

…and your dog becomes a cuter version of Cheech or Chong. It is all natural stuff….not sure if it works for glaucoma though. 
So, did we learn something today?
If you have an aversion to learning, then I apologize.
Have a panic-free weekend!

27 thoughts on “A little help for my {sissy} friends…

  1. Archie the Dog is like that too – not the brave little terrier we think he should be. He hides under the bed and howls a wee bit. I need to buy some Happy Traveler (what a great name). Can I give it to my kids do you think? :>)


  2. Wow, I learned a lot. Will it work on a huge 11 month old pup who barks at anything and follows me everywhere? She's part boxer, part great dane. I have a headache!


  3. Well—we have rain jackets that we wear when it rains… That does provide a little panic relief to us!!!! ha… SO—I can understand how Ozzie and Cocoa's 'coats' may help them a little…. Whatever works—-USE it!!!!!! We drugged my dog Duchess one time when we were moving –and driving a long long distance one day. She knew something was up and was in panic mode. SO–the vet gave us something to give her. We laughed and laughed at our DRUNK DOG…. ha haHugsBetsy


  4. Anonymous

    My niece just rec'd one of these as a gift for her rescue dog who is super scared of thunder. Hope it works! Love your photos today! Have a good weekend.Magic kitty (the black 3 yr old) has been very sick. We've been at the vet each day this week but hopefully he is better today.


  5. I wondered if those worked. They did not have them out when we needed them for our dog who was so scared. We hugged him tightly during storms and still he shook like crazy. Old pets can wear a person out when the outside is noisy!


  6. Gotta check out those shirts for Laika, although she's doing pretty well right now.Where do you get the Happy Traveler? We used to have to give our dogs \”doggy-downers\” when we traveled, but they would be high for hours after we got to where we were going.


  7. Between the sissy shirts and the happy pills, your dogs ought to weather any storm. Heck, maybe I'll take some the next time a storm comes through here. Pills, not sissy shirts. I'm sissy enough already.


  8. Obviously, you canNOT move to Seattle with those dogs. We have heavy rain (not thunder) a LOT. I like fact that there are natural doggie downers…though it's more fun with cats if you give them catnip (uppers?), because they are chill enough as it is. Do your cats get jealous of the dogs and demand catnip? 😉


  9. Wow…cats are easier. She just hides under the bed if something spooks her. Later that year, she might come out. Or not. But love your doggies little scaredy-coats. Hope it keeps them…I mean YOU, sane. : )


  10. Thanks for the link! A nd where do you get the happy traveler stuff? We need that for sailing! Good tip also on putting the shirt on BEFORe the storm. The Thundershirt people also said put food on the shirt on the ground first so that the dogs associate the shirt with food = happiness. Of course my dog associates un-begged for treats as trickery and then would hate the shirt (treats, however, that she is begging for, like my dinner, are somehow acceptable?! Maybe I should use her shirt as a dinner plate? Ewwww.


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