We’ve got spirits, yes we do, we’ve got spirits how ’bout you?

We attended our purple party last weekend. IT was full of purpleness.
It was a kind of a ‘run around’ just before we had to leave kind of day. Lolo was working all day (Linds was gone on a band/dance function) We had just a minute for her to throw on her very expensive dress and, snap a few photos with my little camera.

I took the photo and said: Oh, wait….you are both covered in spirits. And just for the fun of it, I wiped off the camera lens. 
See: Now it is better. I didn’t even use mineral spirits!
The Coach got a photo of Lo and I.  Hello? Glamazon…and of course our photo-bomber Ozzie.
And Coach took one more without Ozzie….but our spirit ‘baby’ has now joined us.
Seriously…maybe not a spirit ‘baby’ for me…more like a spirit ‘bloat’
Anyhoo….the party was quite lovely!
 A fun fun fun night!
They had a photo booth there with lots of props. See…I’m not the only silly one around here!
I’m still wondering which spirits joined us this night. No matter who, I’m sure they had a good time!

I pray that all you good folks in the path of Sandy are staying safe….she looks mighty spirited!

27 thoughts on “We’ve got spirits, yes we do, we’ve got spirits how ’bout you?

  1. hooray for the purple party pictures!!! you know i was waiting, thanks for waiting for me to come home!!and those spirits? weird!!!and the photo booth pix? weirder? i would have never thought of using a plunger…


  2. Hi There, Love all of the 'spirited' purple….. Looks like a great party and you all look fabulous… Are both daughters taller than their Mama????? Hope you have a good week–and I'm definitely keeping everyone in the path of Sandy in my prayers.Hugs,Betsy


  3. Happy, Happy 16th Birthday, Lo!! You look fabulous, dahling, and your mom does, too, LOVE the purple theme. Suz, you couldn't keep her 'in' until Halloween either, huh??! See my girl turned 18 back on October 14th, and I had wanted her to wait so I could bare my considerable stomach and paint it orange like a huge pumpkin and scare the trick 'r treaters, but Amanda did her own thing, not wanting to share her birthday with ANYONE else, goblin or witch. She mostly didn't listen to me and that's how it's been ever since, Ha!! Love her like crazy, of course :-)Happy a ghoulish Halloween. Be safe.


  4. ooooooh great pics and great times! Listen, me and the wife will be out and about in town and I will whisper to her, rarely but sometimes \”see that guy over there? I love his outfit. I would hit him over the head to steal that outfit!\”. So, your coach up in the top pics? I would hit him over the head to steal his outfit 😉 NICE.


  5. Anonymous

    Oh, so you have a furry photo bomber too! LOL Can't tell you how many movie clips I have to cut things out of due to doggie butts and sniffing stuff goings on. LOL


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