The one where I imagine I’m smarter than everyone.

I am fairly certain that you had a nice Thanksgiving. I’m fairly certain that if you were at our house, your Thanksgiving would have been a little bit funner. 
Fun is our middle name. 
 Can’t tell you our last name, it’s a secret.
 The food was awesome. My Mom and Aunt prepared a major portion of our dishes/desserts two days leading up to THE day. {Smart!} We have two full sized fridges, but there was talk about renting a third. Just talk. 
I did something super smart this year. I purchased an electric roaster. 
 Therefore, my oven was free for the 38 casseroles and pies. 
 I might be exaggerating. We only had 37 casseroles and pies.
But seriously, cooking my turkey all by it’s lonesome in the roaster OUTSIDE was brilliant. 
The house did not heat up and the turkey was cooked in 3 hours as opposed to 7.
 Oh, and we continued our Thanksgiving tradition by playing football.
 Well, I just kinda ran back and forth {looking pretty} while others played football. 

 One thing you should never do though, is play football with Cocoa’s football.

 She really wanted to play ‘with’ us with her football. But that was getting kind of dangerous with all the tripping she likes to do.
So, she was tied up like some janky ‘hood dog. 
 When you play football with people who are in their upper 40’s, early 50’s and late 60’s, you need to have less tripping than necessary. 
 I might have been the only one who never fell, rolled or was tackled. This is why you should just run back and forth {looking pretty} while watching others play.
See, I am brillianter than you thought. 
Ozzie was exhausted just watching me. 
We had a great week with my people here. I can’t wait till next year.
Can we just skip Christmas and head to New Years?


It ain’t easy being a pilgrim in Vegas.

Following the tradition of my four Fathers. I mean, our poor forefathers, we played roulette on the eve of Thanksgiving.
 The dealer {coach} was fairly strict. The house {coach} was making a killing on the gamblers. Talk about a pitt boss; ruthless. 
 The dealer had a scratch sheet a mile long for all our ‘oweing’.  It was not a who was winning kind of game. It was a who was losing the least kind of game. 
The pitt boss never felt the need to bring in a cooler.
My debt was nearing 75k.  
Want to guess how I’ll be repaying that note?
Yep, turkey sammies, casseroles and pie for life. Not to mention fetching is pails of water. 
Damn. It ain’t easy being a pilgrim. 
Who knew?
Hershey kisses were not harmed in the playing of this game. At least not on my watch.

This was not a ‘family tradition’ for Thanksgiving….but we are open for new stuff around here.
Bring it.

Happy cyber Monday!