I was a trophy wife for 14 years.

Well, not really, but it makes for good TV.

I might have mentioned before that Lolo has played softball since she was 5….and the Coach has coached that long as well.  She started travel ball at age 9 and soon after we started collecting trophies. 
NOT just for her, but for the team.  But, let’s face it, she is amazing and earned her share of shiny stuff.
I’ve been known to take one for the team, but this is ridiculous.
For the past few years I was perplexed as what to do with them all. The Coach felt the same way. Lolo had no attachment to them whatsoever….except for the glass/crystal world series trophy, which resides in Coach’s work office. 
 I searched and searched for a good way to recycle/reuse them. ANYTHING aside from sending them all to the landfill….I would not be able to sleep if I did that. Fo’rizzle my shizzle. 
 I did a search again this week and each and every outlet I found that would reuse them was shut down.
My heart sunk each time I hit a dead end.

I imagined my retirement; me, old decrepit and tripping over trophies. Yeah, I was 55 in this scenario. 
 Then I read something about putting them on craigslist.
I’ve shied away from craigslist….because of that killer and all.
But I thought: what the heck. A killer VS a landfill? I will take my chances because I love my planet.
Do you feel bad now since you threw away a plastic bottle?
Well you should. 
Do you see the extent of what I will do to avoid the landfill…and you just willy nilly threw away plastic?
DID you even think about all the oil it took to MAKE that bottle? 
Maybe we should all just pack up and move to the Middle East.
Oh…wait…I forgot I was writing a post here. 
I posted FREE TROPIES on crags list.
I got 5 replies. The very first one was for a not for profit group that will make new name plates and reuse them all.

Even better, the Coach met the non-craigslist killer at work with the loot!
Just goes to show you, we can all keep our landfills to a minimum. I mean it people. 
Don’t make me come over there…..
You’ve not seen the ugly side of me. Ok, maybe you have.
Hopefully you love me just the same. 

20 thoughts on “I was a trophy wife for 14 years.

  1. Well timed Busy Bee – I am on a CLEAN OUT mission these days and have been doing as much good will giving as possible – I am down to the basement – the place to go through and clean out for SO many reasons…one of them would be spiders (ICK) – That is my challenge this weekend and I will keep this post in mind when I am making my piles!!!!


  2. Good Job! and Well Done! for keeping the planet cleaner for all of us – we should send you a medal :>). The Husbands trophies went into the boys rooms and for years they pretended they were from their accomplishments (they have only ever received dog tags) When they were done with them the trophies were sent to our elementary school where they reused them for students accomplishments and hopefully those recipients will read your post and RECYCLE and REUSE


  3. Darn it Suz. Did you not see on Pinterest where someone SPRAY PAINTED their trophies a single color. Looked so nice. When you mean landfill, do you mean my office. You do, don't you./sigh


  4. Anonymous

    Hubby coached kids football and baseball when his son was little and so he has a couple of trophies sitting in his home office. I just think they are ugly and wish they would go away, but they mean the world to Hubby so I'm stuck decorating around the ugly things.


  5. RRR….recycle, reduce, reuse…well done.The local AYSO here and I went around and around when I was on the board…I hated that each child got a trophy at the end of the year whether or not their team won…it made winning no big deal and worst of all it made a lot of trash after the novelty wore off…like 2 minutes later. Too much waste!Happy Long Weekend!


  6. I'm impressed with your persistence, Suz. Glad you didn't run into a Craig's List killer! I have boxes of trophies, too, but I'm hanging onto them in case the kids want them someday. Unlikely, I know.


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