The one where I was writing about Jesus shoes, but mentioned hot dogs various times.

The Coach and I both grew up in lean and modest homes as kids. I was known to eat hot dogs right out of the fridge and he was usually found roaming the ‘hood with no shoes on.

{Dawn, I apologize for mentioning hot dogs}

Growing up with just the basics, plus those cold hot dogs gives us so much appreciation for what we have worked for; what we have now.

Sometimes, I wonder if we are spoiling….or ruining our kids since they have not had the lean and fairly humble beginnings.
They have always been able to enjoy a cooked/grilled hot dog…and even things better than that. 
A minute after thinking that I stumbled across these beauties.
 My college child is wearing Jesus sandals…right down to the nitty gritty.
And she favors her right foot immensely.

BTW: I took this photo at least 3 weeks ago and I can vouch, that they are still being worn. She is minutes away from being barefoot.

When I noted to her that the shoes were about DONE….she replied that they are her favorites.

And on that note, what’s for dinner tonight? Please don’t say hot dogs!

24 thoughts on “The one where I was writing about Jesus shoes, but mentioned hot dogs various times.

  1. Um yea, I agree with diane she needs some new sandals and maybe a cold dog to go with them! However my girls are not real sure what humble beginnings are either…all we can do is hope we teach them well.


  2. I think our kids have a lot more then we did growing up. All I can hope is that we're still raising them right and teach them what's important. On that note, our oldest loves cold hot dogs while the youngest wouldn't touch hot dogs with a pitch fork. 😉


  3. We actually had to share the cold hot dog…6 ways……so I do understand humble beginnings.I'm glad you have accomplished so much in your life…I think it does make you appreciate things more.But…ahhh…perhaps you could put some hot pink zebra duct tape on her shoes…you know…just to hold them together for awhile! ha!


  4. Anonymous

    My dear mama made me wear lacy anklet socks with my sandals and I was ridiculed as I got on the bus each morning!!!!! As for hot dogs, I have a sensitive stomach and can only eat the bun!!!!!


  5. We all want for our children what we didn't have! Nothing wrong with that as long as we teach them good principles and morals, which, I'm pretty darn sure you are doing!


  6. When you look at them, you realize that they look just fine when they are on. So what's the problem? Oh, you think she takes them off in front of others, don't you?Does it seem strange that I just spent a small fortune on a pair of \”barefoot\” shoes that have no support at all?If it weren't for their fat and calorie problems, I would eat hot dogs every single day.


  7. Dave had a pair of those (they were supposed to be sneakers). He wore them everyday even though he had a perfectly good pair of NIKE's. Finally I caught one as it was flying through the air and put it in the trash. Know that I think about it, he may still have the other one.


  8. Those shoes are just getting broken in well now.. That's when they are the MOST comfy….. Right????I hate to admit this but I LOVE hot dogs… I love them with either slaw and/or chili/onions on them… YUM… BUT–I don't eat them much these days –since I write down all of those calories in my journal… haHugs,Betsy


  9. It's a delicate balance, isn't it, with the desire to give them everything, yet not to spoil them? I have one parent who was raised with very little in the way of material comforts and one with a great deal, and it made for an interesting upbringing, as they worked to balance all of that. Clearly, you and Coach are doing a great job!


  10. Hahaha…my son wears his shoes like that because it is so hard to find size 15's…and he never searches for a new pair online until the aforementioned pair is very, very worn…and it takes a while to find those BIG FOot shoes. Thankfully your daughter's size looks size sandal looks like a normal sized shoe!


  11. I grew up very lean too. I remember eating hot dogs various ways…although I didn't favor cold-straight-from-the-fridge. Sometimes we had bbq'ed hot dogs….I mean with sauce. They were so good, oddly enough. Your poor girl needs some new shoes…maybe some Birks…they last forever!


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