An awesome sunset with awesomer people.

I don’t want anyone to think I’ve fallen off the end of the earth or that I was arrested for protesting at the  closing of Hostess. 
I don’t even like twinkies. Yes, I said it. 
We are alive, well and busy.

My people arrived on Saturday evening. 
 And by my people, I am referring to my Mom, Aunt, Uncle and Cuz Patrick. We visit one time a year, and I am trying to fit as many minutes in as possible.
{Aunt Trish and Uncle Jim were on the upper deck}
We took a sunset cruise on Sunday and chose a few properties that we might purchase.
 And then I realized, having a house on the water might be more trouble than it’s worth. Living on the gulf of Mexico could be detrimental to my well being. 
I’m just guessing. 

Bev; Suz’s life giver.
 Killer sunset.
 This boat was trying to steal our view. Where is a pirate when you need one?
 Linds trying to grasp that big ball of fire.

 An american bald eagle on top of a bald palm tree. I could not for the life of me photograph it properly.  *LOVE*
So, now you know I’m alive and well. Of course, if you spent a week with my people, you would remember why we only spend one week together per year. Mom, I’m kidding.

Wishing you all a fabulous Thanksgiving with your people.

20 thoughts on “An awesome sunset with awesomer people.

  1. I remember those awesome sunsets sitting on the wharf in Key West – but I don't see any beverages in your hands (they told me it was mandatory and viewing sunsets was not allowed otherwise). And on another note, if you want great pics of the American Bald Eagle come and visit us – we have about 6 living in the cottonwoods at the end of our road. Bring your people – they look like a great crowd. Have a happy thanksgiving :>)


  2. I'm glad to learn that you are alive and well. I'm willing to bet that you had a fantastic time with your 'people'. The sunset is certainly fantastic. Have a great Thanksgiving.


  3. tell your people that i say HI! i know they love me, too 🙂 i'm so glad you decided to play tourist! looks like you picked a beautiful night for it!p.s…i could not finish reading you last post Or comment due to the all the mention of h__ d__s


  4. We need to put up a guardrail around the earth cuz some weeks, I fall off, too! So glad that you could climb back on board with us!Your family is precious and you are smart to pack in every sweet minute you can with them.


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