The one where I buy myself the best gift ever!

A few weeks ago, as I was slaving {cleaning} our floors, I had an epiphany. Again. I have them daily. Usually my epiphany includes me hiring a dreamy housekeeper who helps me with keeping our floors tidy.
The housekeeper is thorough, dependable and won’t steal my wedding rings. Just like me, but not me.
On this particular day, as I looked up, I saw one of those cute girls being all ‘newsy’ on morning TV. She was sharing this wonderful new joy, that would soon be mine.
My Robot. 

I know there have been some of these guys around for a few years, but I’ve never heard any good news about them. They malfunction. They don’t work like they should.
But this guy, well he is all things awesome.

I purchased him the week before Thanksgiving and I am in love. Still. Every time his little motor starts up, it thrills me like the first time.

He is smart, efficient and doesn’t require any coddling. Perfect.
I was calling him: MY ROBOT. But my Aunt Trisha suggested I give him a real name.
Roberto (the Robot) was born. You must say it in an Italian accent, since he is my Italian butler now.

We have a lot of square footage. And I’m not bragging…it is a pain in the azz.  Cleaning the floors has always been the most time consuming and this guy right here cuts my cleaning time down immensely.

I run Roberto daily, and daily his little dirt cup is almost full. He goes places I don’t go on a regular basis. Under my settee. Under our media cabinets.

You are advised to not leave any slim cords hanging down anywhere. There was one instance where he got a hold of a skinny cord. (Coach’s headphones) Roberto merely ingested the entire length of the cord, realized what he had done and turned himself off. Crisis averted and the cord was not damaged.

He has a wonderful pattern that I’ve noticed. When I ask him to clean. {I push a button} he will either start towards the front of the house {Family room, kitchen, Living room, Dining room, Master bedroom, mudroom and hallway to the girls rooms.} OR he will head towards the back of the house {Large/long halls, craft room, playroom, Coach’s room} He will clean for about 1 1/2 hours before his battery is tired. THEN….this is where the magic happens:

HE will bring himself BACK to his charging station and revive his own battery!

I know. 
After he is charged up again {usually 1-2 hours} he will simply GO BACK to where he left off prior and start cleaning again.
It just makes my heart pitter patter hearing him cleaning for me.

He does like to fall into our guest bathroom shower and get stuck. So, I just close that door when he is working to avoid the stuckness.

{There is an included boundary marker/strip that you can lay down to have him avoid any areas you don’t want to send him. I started using it after I realized the issue with the guest shower. Have I mentioned that I don’t like to read directions?} 

There is a way to program him for daily cleans, but I like telling him when I’m ready to have him clean since my schedule varies. I’m bossy like that.

Here he is working his magic under the dining room table. Sometimes I move the chairs for him, sometimes I make him work around them. Notice he does not bang into my furniture…unlike some other helpers I’ve had. 

If I want him to clean a certain room, I just pick him up, place him in the specific room and shut the door  so he can focus.
How often can you put a man in your room, shut the door and he will clean everything…even under your bed. And then not expect anything from you?

I’m sure you are wondering how Cocoa and Ozzie would react to him. Well, I kinda knew they would be cool…they aren’t concerned with Rosie or my steam mop.
They give him a sideways glance some days, but they realize how happy he makes me and they just let him work.
Did I ever tell you my dogs were super smart?

He goes over my rugs easily too…nothing slows him down I tell ya! He makes patterns in his robot brain….and you can watch him navigate over one specific area until it is done…

Speaking of Rosie. I still love her….but she has been sitting in the closet now for several weeks, not seeing the light of day since Roberto has moved in. I feel kinda bad. So bad that I’ll have the girls take her out and vacuum the driveway today just for the fun of it.

BTW: I purchased Roberto at Bed Bath & Beyond using my 20% off coupon. I did purchase the upgraded version made for ‘pet’ homes. The Coach told me they have the regular version {much cheaper} at Costco.

P.S. I was not compensated for this review….but Roberto compensates me daily with his capabilities.

P.S.S. I close the girls bedrooms when Roberto is running. If he were to accidentally get in there, he might commit suicide. {Too many obstacles to clean around!}

I give Roberto 27 thumbs up. That is 27 out of 2! 3 of those thumbs are because I know he will never swipe my jewelry!


19 thoughts on “The one where I buy myself the best gift ever!

  1. Anonymous

    I would love to have one of these! We have tried twice in the last week to hire a maid to clean the floors and they both think the job is too small! Perhaps, Roberto, is in my future!!!


  2. As I was heading to work this morning, I got a \”sign\” that I should check in on you today. Actually, it was more of a vibration. Speaking of which, you women really love anything with batteries to make you happy, don't ya?I totally can't believe you bought this thing. And I'm only saying that because Fred's been on a mission to buy one himself. Now I need to forward your post to him so he can see your Roberto in action. But I'm afraid, that after awhile, it will get stuffed into his closet full of Swifters, Shark Floor Steamers and fancy mops that he thought would help him out. But I am happy for you. I'm just worried that The Coach will walk in on you enjoying Roberto in private.m.


  3. wow, that's amazing! i had a roomba back in CA ( it hasn't resurfaced in the unpacking) and i loved it!but roberto sounds a lot smarter. i may have to buy myself a little gift too.


  4. oh roberto {yes, i used the accent} sounds divine!!! you were so smart to get the non-thieving version!!! xoxop.s. if roberto needs an outing, send him on over to my house! if you give me a heads up i will close the bedroom doors so he can return home to you safe & sound!


  5. OMG! I need a Roberto in my life! Buster is such a shedder, I have to sweep/vacuum several times a day. Ok…well…I SHOULD do it several times a day. I usually disappoint myself by doing it every other day…


  6. I have the best vacuum man in the world, and his name is not Roberto… His name is George…I am in charge of dusting and he does the vacuuming… Obviously, we don't find it a priority to do it every day… I usually wait til I can write my name on the furniture… Then we do it… It works well for us!!!!!! ha ha ha Hugs,Betsy


  7. SUZ! You are seriously tempting me. I have always told myself that cleaning is good exercise, but the doggone cat fur drives me crazy – I cannot keep up with it! This is so very appealing. Please will you give us a one-month and 6-month update on your review?I'm happy for you – you deserve Roberto!


  8. I love this thing! I love it for you. You better keep Roberto happy though…wouldn't want him running off with Rosie, would ya? That's a match made in (cleaning) heaven, those two! : ) You are seriously making me want one of those. Really bad. We are thinking about replacing our carpet with wood and Roberto would be just the thing to have around. Love!


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