Why oh why does she do this to me?
Babies should stay babies.

But then again, those diapers are quite expensive and horrible for the planet.

Plus, I’m kinda tired now. 

My baby turns 17 today. 
Linds was an easy baby and a content toddler. I think she knew I was wore out from her sister who had.so.much.energy.
See, she didn’t even require a crib. We’d just plop her inside a toy and send her to bed. 
She keeps talking about leaving for college in another year and actually having a life.
I’ll believe it when I see it. 
Who would want to leave me?
Happy birthday to my sweet, funny, sarcastic and beautiful Lindsay. 
Can anyone tell me what the statute of limitations is when it comes to blaming your last pregnancy on the ‘baby weight’?


17 thoughts on “*17*

  1. Anonymous

    that bed picture is HILARIOUS! And the last one is AMAZING! WIsh I had mad photo skills! Um, we could keep them babies and use cloth diapers but that would be a little nasty! Happy Birthday to your young beauty!


  2. I'm feeling a little bad because it's 4:30ish, I've had a few drinks and I'm commenting on your baby's birthday post. But so far, I think I've spelled everything correctly. But then again, everything is blurring together. Oh right, back to Linds. How gorgeous is she! Both your girls are stunning. You and The Coach should go into the baby making/selling business. I know, it's against the law but so was marijuana in all 50 states until last month. Now, it's all the rage. So be a trend-setter already! Anyway, are you okay with you girls being so beautiful or all you all like \”Mirror, Mirror…\” I'm cool with it myself. At least for now.Why am I rambling? Oh right, the wine. How funny is it that I ignore my Google Reader for weeks and when I come back, it's Lind's birthday. It must be fate! Did I mention how gorgeous she is? If not, she is. And I don't mean it in the middle-aged man pervy way. I mean it in the gayest of Project Runway contestant's way. See the difference!Anyway, here's a song for Linds to celebrate her turning 17. But mostly it's for you. Just don't tell Linds because she'll get all jealous.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFrGuyw1V8sm.


  3. Awww…she is gorgeous! Just like her Momma!Darn, the time does fast, doesn't it?But I admire how much you do as a family.You're a wonderful Mom.Congratulations on surviving (almost) the teen years!ANDHope the year is ending up all Merry and Bright at your house!It looks like it might be!


  4. Happy Birthday, Linds!!She is so stinkin' gorgeous!Well, let's see, Stud turned 19 almost 2 months ago, and I'm still working on losing that baby weight, so I think you're fine.BTW, Mark cracks my shit up! He should ALWAYS comments after enjoying some wine. =)


  5. oh this girl… i hope she had a very, very happy day!!! i was thinking about her 🙂 that last photo of her jumping… WOW! i don't know how your girls are so good at jumping…


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