An update and my last post ever.

for 2012.
I don’t know about you, but the past few weeks have been exhausting. FUN, but exhausting.

Only one day left in 2012; Can I change anything from last year?
Hells to the no.
Someone asked me this week: “What will you do differently in 2013 than you did in 2012?”
Me: “turn 46?”

Scenes from my scene this past week.  The photos are in the wrong order, but so is my brain.

The six of us at the end of Christmas eve. 
 Lindsay wanted to share with everyone that we had matching vintage Mickey Sweatshirts. Of course, mine was really vintage. {I got it on a trip to Disney with my Mom when I was 18 or 19, Lindsay got hers a few weeks ago} 
Yes, mine still fits. Yes, I am bragging. Yes, I bought it big and grew into it. Good planner who?
 My cooking face.
 Lolo, my step MIL Judy and fish face herself. 
 My FIL Bill cooked a good portion of our Christmas eve feast. *I love him!!!*
 December 26th, we headed to Busch Gardens, Tampa for a birthday celebration.
Lindsay’s actual birthday December 27th. Dad and Lolo had to work. Mama took the day off….we started with Prezzies from all our distant peeps and then shopped/ate lunch. {soup, salad, breadsticks anyone?} 
 Birthday dinner. Grandma Judy thinks everyone under 20 loves the Beib. Ok, maybe they do…..
Let’s recap: 
My baby is 17.
Christmas is over.
My family is freakin’ awesome. 
Some clothing items last forever.
Next year, we will all be older. And perhaps wiser. But mostly older. 

Wishing you all a safe and happy new year. Remember, the only safe place tonight is at home. Like I tell my girls every time they leave the house: “Be careful…..everyone out there is DRUNK!”
I tell the truth.
Love to you all!!!!

23 thoughts on “An update and my last post ever.

  1. Love all of the photos… Love your vintage Mickey sweatshirt… Can't believe you still have it… Love it. Sounds like you and the family ALL had a wonderful Christmas Season. Hope the new year is full of blessings for all of you.Happy 2013.Hugs,Betsy


  2. Happy New Year, Suz!! I'm glad 2012 was so good to you guys, and I know 2013 will be, too.Wishing you health, happiness and prosperity in the New Year.And, don't be shocked if I certain penguin shows up at your doorstep in the new year. She just may have a little too much time on her hands, you know what I'm sayin?


  3. You summed the year up well. I could try and feel sorry for you with your 46th birthday coming up – – – IF I wasn't going to be 62 very, very soon!You did scare me a bit that you were giving up blogging – – – excellent title to catch our attention.And I am playing catch-up on reading the blogs so I will be going \”back in time\” the next few days.


  4. Of course the post title is supposed to read: \”last post ever….IN 2012\”, you silly girl, you left out an important couple of words. Don't scare us like that!!Happy New Year to you and your funky, funny, fenomenal family…makes me remember that I love my abnormal family like crazy, too…and who the heck wants to be normal??!!hugs to you,liz in mississippi


  5. yes! exhausting is a word that comes to mine…another is thankful when all the sparkly bits are put away for another year, ready to slip back to normality…well, that is after the panic of do you or don't you make a resolution and the stress of knowing you will NEVER truly fulfill it anyway!I had the very same {well not physically the same, but you know what i'm getting at} Mickey sweatshirt as you {probably bought around the same time…and yes I do feel old knowing that!} only I cut the sleeves off mine for some unknown reason..teenage mind/fashion sense = stupidity on times, I was known as the Mickey girl in college! Go figure! I think it was the lack of sleeves that made me stand out…Your girls always have fantastic smiles in the photos you show, you KNOW when you mention them, a smiley photo will follow…so imagine my surprised face when I saw \”fish face\”..go on imagine it! it looks a bit like this 8oO {yes, you do have to look at me sideways!} One of my babies had a birthday, on the 29th, turned 18…a surprise present was in the form of the Norovirus bug so no celebrating was had! Pah! I think ALL bugs should be banished for the month of December…please campaign to make it official!Glad to see you had an awesome time with your family, hope 2013 is just as awesome :o)hugshello gorgeous xxx


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