You call that a trim?

My lawn guy is awesome. I think. Or I used to think that. 
Last year when we were discussing goals for our yard, one thing he mentioned was trimming down our crape myrtle trees after they were done blooming. He explained that they would come back fuller and they would be more tree-like. They were moving into bush territory. 

Well, last week I came home after the ‘trimming’ and I gasped. You might have heard me.

That’s what I call “Bare naked ladies!”
I wish I had a robe for them!
If they don’t come back…well, I might have to dust off my shank. 
Wish them growing luck!

What the Pig said…

I love my kitchen pig. If you have a pig…he should hold a sign and stand on your counter. You agree don’t you?
Weekly, I try to keep my family UP by posting inspirational messages.
Bee sweet.
Kiss your Mom.
Call your Dad. 
Bee Joyful and happy. 
Usually my inspiration is laughed at. Fo’rizzle. (until they need me for something, then I’m all sorts of inspirational)

This originally said: Bee nice to your elders. 
Because around these parts, I am an elder.

And since I live with immatures, it was quickly changed to this. 

No, not the Coach. Although, he SHOULD be nice to his elders. And elbows.

I love my little kitchen pig. But dang it…he is in cahoots with someone. 

Unless inflation hits. 
 I  complained about the 2.00 and was quickly scolded.
  “Well, now I’m removing the decimal point and you have to pay 200 bucks for a hug.”

me: oh dang. think of the taxes I’ll have to pay on that hug.….
I just can’t win. 
Or maybe I can. I won’t let the man get me down.
And by the man, I mean my rebelling pig and you know who else. 
Life is good. 
Savor every minute, especially those expensive hugs!