Flipping the pages, a ninja cold, and new hooters.

We had a wild and exciting NYE.
I actually stayed up way past midnight.
Seven minutes=way past.

The Coach is battling major allergies, Lo has been beaten with a cold since Christmas eve and I am battling a ninja cold. I feel really good for a few hours, then for a few hours I feel like I’ve been whooped by a ninja.

New years morning I completed this annual task. It’s not a calendar if there is not a boxer on it. 

I don’t make resolutions, but I am bound and determined to master my nifty fifty prime lens this year.
It baffles me.
The only reason I’ve not quit it is because when I get the settings just right, it takes amazing photos.
{I wish I could quit you}

All our Christmas is tucked nicely into the attic, and that right there is a job for four people. Luckily, we have four people here. We also cleaned out the garages. Can you say purge? Purge.
The house is clean, tidy and organized. *SWOON*
Our dining room table looks fresh and pretty.

 See what I’m talking about with this lens? One minute the photo is crapola, and the next not so much crapola. 
I love ampersands so much.  Mercury glass & Mercury glass. 
Jack & Diane. Suz & Coach. Peanut butter & chocolate. I could go on & on. 
Did I ever show you my owl lamps? They’re a hoot. 
If you own a pair of cute owl lamps, life can only be sweet.  
 Usually, I’m not a fan of hooters, but these caught my eye. Actually, they caught both of my eyes. 
New years day found me working in my veggie garden….prepping for a big change this coming weekend. Surely you are on the edge of your fiscal cliff seat wondering what I am up to. 
Happy 2013 to you all, even the keypad-shy lurkers. I feel blessed to be able to share my nonsensical stuff with you and even more lucky that you share with me.

So share with me, are you a resolution type of person….or a revolution type of person?


21 thoughts on “Flipping the pages, a ninja cold, and new hooters.

  1. WOW – – You are busy people who are persevering in getting life back to normal even when your bodies aren't functioning normally. You are an energetic person with a zest for life. I like that!You are doing well with the camera cuz you get a LOT of shots that we love viewing.And 'who' gave you those owls? My daughter is an owl collector, too. She caught that fever from my mom.


  2. Anonymous

    I'll pass on the owl lamps but ampersands totally rock! I want a HUGE ampersand somewhere in my house. Hmmmm, oh ya, the question your asked. I think I am more of a revolution type person. You know, like OFF WITH THEIR HEADS kind of revolution. Or a LET THEM EAT CAKE revolution. Guess I'm a bit heartless.


  3. Get out of here. You don't like your fifty. I think that canon's fifty sucks to tell you the truth. At least their cheap-o 1/8. If that is what you are using, you don't really know what a 50 is. If you are interested, I would rent a better fifty and see if you like that focal length. It's ok if you don't. It isn't for everyone, but trust me, the 1.8 is nothing to write home about. Also, having come fron nikon, I can honestly say that their cheapo 50 is ten times better than canon's. Canon's 1.8 focus stinks. Maybe you need to get it calibrated at your camera shop. Let me know. Keep me posted.


  4. I almost need a rest after reading all you've gotten accomplished — house neat and tidy and garages cleaned. If you get bored, feel free to do a repeat performance in Tennessee.I hope you have a fabulous year.


  5. Happy 2013, Suz!I'm a revolutionary non-resolutionary. Definitely. You're a little ampersand crazy, but you do have nice hooters.Hope the big bad cold leaves your household soon.


  6. Hey Cutie, Love your HOOTY lamps…. Too cute…BUT–you really messed up my mind today… All of these years, I thought that ALL calendars had to include WATERFALLS, yet today you told me that they had to include boxers… Mercy Me!!!! Messed up my mind…. ha ha haHugs,Betsy


  7. I hope that those in your household who are sick get well soon. You are so organized, getting your decor changed even while feeling ill! Ours is up for a few days more.I'm not into resolutions, but have spent some time reviewing the big lessons of the year. God bless you and your family, Suz!


  8. Hope you're feeling better and could you please come to the east coast and help me pack things away and PURGE because although it's a job for 4 (or 6?) i find myself ONE, the Captain busy still fixing up the boat. Sigh. I envy your sparkley house. Someday…


  9. Doesn't it feel good after all the Christmas decorations are down? I love Christmas, but my house just seems so clean afterwards! I need those owl lamps…where'd you find those? I should do an owl post…I've kind of become obsessed!


  10. I love your owls! : ) And you should get a calendar from Walmart of snapfish…a photo calendar…so you can showcase your own dogs, or whatever else you took great pics of. I have done this for years and we love it! : )


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