Joints, man

a few months ago, I had a nice health tip for the canines in your life.
Today; a tip for the human in you:
I’ve had a bum shoulder since May. I don’t know what happened besides age, but it was a-hurtin’ daily.
I also have issues with taking LOTS of OR large pills and this is a one-a-day little baby.
I’ve been taking these fairly consistent and my shoulder ain’t a-hurtin’ so much anymore. I don’t think it is a cure for whatever is ailing my shoulder. {old lady-itis} But it’s a major improvement, like 99.9% improvement.

I call that magic.
Or modern medicine.
Your choice.
My joints are well juiced and not crinkly anymore.

I am now free to , do the wave, raise the roof or wave my hands in the air, like I just don’t care.

But you know I care.
Now I’m off to do some hammer time or even that crazy dancing Korean guy time.
Yep, back on the cardio wagon. 

Have a ‘good feeling joint’ weekend. 

20 thoughts on “Joints, man

  1. Hi Suz, Glad you have found something that helps your shoulder. Wish George could get a magic cure for his back aches. BUT-his is quite serious (disc problem) –and I don't think any over-the-counter meds can help. He is on a couple of prescription meds for it –but it still hurts him. Poor Baby. Pain is no fun.Hugs,Betsy


  2. I was diagnosed with tendinitis in both shoulders a few years back and all the dr recommended was drugs. Vioxx to be exact. I refused to take it. But now my shoulders are killing me. So I may just try this. I too am afraid of taking too much pain medication. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind words 🙂


  3. Joints today, hooters not too long ago… I wonder how some people find your blog…. ;-)I gotta keep this in mind though for the next time my knee acts up. Thanks for the tip!


  4. Anonymous

    That is good info! I shy away from products that others haven't tried. If I wake with a bum shoulder or knee or whatever I will follow your lead!


  5. May I suggest massage. I thought there was something wrong with my tricep from planking in Pilates and it turned out to be a knot in my shoulder girdle related to the way I hold my Nook when I'm reading in bed. A good masseuse really knows this stuff.


  6. You're such a kid, I can't help but wonder how it would work for someone who is truly old (like me!). But I'm glad you're feeling better. Will you post a video of you doing the crazy Korean dance?


  7. My husband has finally taken the doctor's word that he has OA in his knee – – – although if he had listened to me, he would have saved all that money on the visit and X-Rays. He was sure it was an injury. Anyway, now that he has had \”my\” diagnosis confirmed, I will get some of these pills and get him started – – – cuz I know he won't take mine! I will tell him that these were highly recommended on the internet!


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