Boxers X 4

Our Friday night and Saturday went to the dogs. Literaly. 
Sparky and Milo came for a visit and a boxer party was had.

Did you know it is impossible to get FOUR dogs to sit and pose for a picture?
The dog whisperer…I’m not. 
 You see who IS sitting? Cocoa. She seems to really care.
 Ozzie: “Mama, did you say cookie?”
I feel I’m losing control over this situation.
Cocoa: “hey, is anyone going to listen to the mama?” Ozzie: “I’m trying really hard but I have absolutely NO attention span. Remember?”
I spy with my little brown green eye….boxer butts.  
I tried the whole sitting thing again in the driveway. Yes, SHE again listened while the other three wandered off like I wasn’t even there. Boys don’t listen. rude.
 Seriously, they are not camera whores. 
On Saturday afternoon when the two visitors were leaving, we finally got a photo op. kinda.
On Saturday night, Cocoa and Ozzie slept hard. Having so much fun is really exhausting.

23 thoughts on “Boxers X 4

  1. HA HA —-That's as hard as getting 3-4 grandchildren (all very young) together for a photo op….The last one is great…. Sweet Cocoa deserves a special treat for being so good!!!!Bet YOU—the photographer—slept well that night also… ha haHugs,Betsy


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