The one where she relives being a Daisy.

Once upon a time, both of my girls were sweet little girl scouts. Oh, how they loved scouting. Especially Lolo…since she had the best leader on the planet.
*Ahem~pointing fingers at myself*

Linds and Lolo @ Lindsay’s bridging ceremony from Daisy to Brownie.
 Several months ago, Linds was cleaning out her closet and came across her old scout vests/tunic. 
(I might add that cleaning her closet was not her idea and threats might have been involved.)
She came out of her room and declared that it still fit. 
I may have wet my yoga pants from laughter.

May have=fo’sho.

I’m thinking that shortly we should sort through her old baby clothes. Stay tuned for that episode of “Does it fit?” 

22 thoughts on “The one where she relives being a Daisy.

  1. Jesus! Good thing that girl was wearing shorts or we would have to accept Terms and Conditions to view this blog!At the same time, I bet if she hit the golf courses and bowling alleys in your area, she'd make a killing selling cookies dressed like that.Now, go put on the outfit that you were wearing when you took this photo. If you're having a hard time remember which one it was,I'm sure it matched your pale blue eye-shadow.m.


  2. My Girl Scout Sash still fits! (I just pulled it out and tried it!)Man those kids still look the same:) Keep cleaning…you never know what you might find!


  3. She is adorable – those photos from the old days are priceless!And I love the boxer playdate (previous posting) – looks like a lot of fun for all. I can see why naps were needed afterward, though!


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