What the Pig said…

I love my kitchen pig. If you have a pig…he should hold a sign and stand on your counter. You agree don’t you?
Weekly, I try to keep my family UP by posting inspirational messages.
Bee sweet.
Kiss your Mom.
Call your Dad. 
Bee Joyful and happy. 
Usually my inspiration is laughed at. Fo’rizzle. (until they need me for something, then I’m all sorts of inspirational)

This originally said: Bee nice to your elders. 
Because around these parts, I am an elder.

And since I live with immatures, it was quickly changed to this. 

No, not the Coach. Although, he SHOULD be nice to his elders. And elbows.

I love my little kitchen pig. But dang it…he is in cahoots with someone. 

Unless inflation hits. 
 I  complained about the 2.00 and was quickly scolded.
  “Well, now I’m removing the decimal point and you have to pay 200 bucks for a hug.”

me: oh dang. think of the taxes I’ll have to pay on that hug.….
I just can’t win. 
Or maybe I can. I won’t let the man get me down.
And by the man, I mean my rebelling pig and you know who else. 
Life is good. 
Savor every minute, especially those expensive hugs!


20 thoughts on “What the Pig said…

  1. This is simply the sweetest!! Both of my girls have white boards haning outside their bedroom doors and we often write sweet little notes back and forth to each other. Sometimes my oldest requests money, lol, but I ADORE the idea of your family pig!


  2. I totally remember this pig and the posts…so I went to the archives and there was one of your first posts I read…from 2009! And another pig from 2012November….now if I could just remember where I put my phone I would be set.TGIF!!!


  3. Perhaps you can hide the chalk after a message is put up. But on second thought, that would make things very dull. I knew inflation was going to get bad, but I don't think I'll ever be able to afford a hug at these prices.


  4. he he. I've SO missed your sense of humor. I'm trying to wean myself from that dreadful FB. It tore me away from blogville and I think is in cahoots with the devil. Well, anyway, now I must catch up with you and yours. xx


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