You call that a trim?

My lawn guy is awesome. I think. Or I used to think that. 
Last year when we were discussing goals for our yard, one thing he mentioned was trimming down our crape myrtle trees after they were done blooming. He explained that they would come back fuller and they would be more tree-like. They were moving into bush territory. 

Well, last week I came home after the ‘trimming’ and I gasped. You might have heard me.

That’s what I call “Bare naked ladies!”
I wish I had a robe for them!
If they don’t come back…well, I might have to dust off my shank. 
Wish them growing luck!

19 thoughts on “You call that a trim?

  1. Anonymous

    I agree – it is the time of year to do this severe pruning and they will be fine. However, robes hanging on the bushes might be interesting!


  2. Fear not, they will come back better than ever. Actually, in the Crepe Murdering state of Florida, that's actually a pretty good pruning job. At least they took the time to shape them and didn't just take the chain saw and cut straight across the tops. That's real murder. Hang in there. I trimmed my crepe myrtle this weekend too but it's a tiny Charlie Brown twig compared to yours. 🙂


  3. omg, I just gasped too! I don't know much about tree trimming, but I get nervous when I see a tree trimmed with a neat round trim. Back in Cali we used a certified arborist to trim our tree and he use to tell us there are certain branches that need to be trimmed and not others. Not sure if that was just for our type of tree or what. I sure hope they come back. They are so beautiful in bloom.


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