Holy Beans Batman!

YOU GUYS need to stop calling, emailing and texting me. I am ok. No, really, stop asking where I am.
Ok, none of you have asked, but I’m sure you are wondering and worried.
All is well.
Don’t you hate it when people writewithnospaces?
I must share with you the most delicious bowl of goodness I have found. 
This was prior to my adding of avocado.
Can I just say YUM? 
I can: YUM!

No cooking required. Just so you know, I am awesome in the kitchen especially when NO cooking is required. And if a dish asks for cilantro, then I practically want to marry that dish.

I omitted the sugar, lightened up the EVOO, added a cucumber and used frozen corn. 
Don’t judge, I’m busy damnit. 
 I’m such a rebel…the recipe says to let it sit in the fridge for several hours first, but I couldn’t wait.
It was so tasty that I devoured four bowls immediately
Hopefully those four bowls will allow me to leave my bathroom house today for work, you know with all those beans and veggies. 
And that is all I have to say about that. 
Eating healthy.
Being cool. 
Can you dig it?
I hope you can.


17 thoughts on “Holy Beans Batman!”

  1. I make something kind of like this and I LOVE it! YUM. Although I am not a cilantro 'fan' (can we still be friends anyway?) but I add parsley instead. Super healthy herb. It all sounds so good. Beans are good for your heart, ya know…. ; )


  2. Yum! That looks very much like this corn and bean salsa we make around here. As a matter of fact, it was on the original menu at the bar for the first year we were open. My brother and I just decided to bring it back this spring/summer cuz it's just so damn good!


  3. This looks like a salad I had at an art opening and it was out of this world. I never found the person who made it :(So howza 'bout sharing your recipe. This may be the one I'm looking for.


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