Friday Letters

Dear Blog,
Yes, I’ve thought about quitting you 17 times this past week. Feeling unloved is not a good feeling. I’m working to get past this feeling about you. And me.
Dear Coach,
You might have outdone yourself this time. Although your Mom mentioned wanting a little Mercedes several times during your childhood, surely she never thought you were actually listening. Surprising your Mom with a car was beyond sweet.  I always say, the way to a woman’s heart is through a car.
Ok, I don’t always say that, but it is pretty darn awesome. And for your sweet Mom, this is such a deserved gift.
(This car gift coincided with their 39th anniversary~ I love you Sue and Bill!}

On occasion, I might refer to the Coach as My Oprah.

Dear Valentines Day,
I might have to stop referring to you as Happy VD.
This year, our house was full of love….and I’m happy that both my girls have sweet Valentines that I actually like. For once.



22 thoughts on “Friday Letters”

  1. My Oprah..haha..yougetacar, yougetacar, yougetacar! When does my car arrive? : ) I feel the same way about my blog. Can't decide to just shut it down but don't have much writing mojo these days. Ideas rattle around but by the time I have time to pound out the words, the day is done and I ready to be done too. Happy VD to you too, friend! :o)


  2. I love that your hubby bought his mom a car. I wish all kids would do the same (if possible!) And yeah, when I read VD, Valentine's Day was not the first thing that popped into my head. Don't you dare quit your blog!


  3. Oh! Boyfriends you actually like for the babies. That is divine. I am going to send Oprah, I mean Coach, a list of things I need : )He is a good man to bless his Mama with something special like that. I love his heart.VD makes me laugh. Love to my favorite Florida blogger. Why would you give it up? Blogging is the best. Can you please come over and help me blog 26 sessions? I just can't get motivated. I need to do it. But I can't.


  4. That Coach is a keeper, for sure!! But, any woman who raised a boy who turned out like THAT absolutely deserves a car!Glad your babies have sweet Valentines. I hope they continue to do so, and that no jerk ever makes them have a crappy VD. I mean Valentine's Day. Well, actually, maybe I mean both…


  5. Our Hero = coach…Sharing his hard earned success with his mother is beautiful. I know the MIL and she is the bestest. So happy for her…and happy for Coach, I am sure that doing this for his mother felt AWESOME…Congrats to All!


  6. wow 🙂 he really does love to buy cars doesn't he?!?!?! quite a hobby 🙂 but i love that he did that for his mom! and it sets a precedent for your girls… get mama nice gifts! LOL i wish you would stop threaening your blog… its feelings are going to be hurt! and here is is, always waiting for you, no matter how long you left it :)oh yead, i saw your text… this morning. which is kinda late. but i'll pick you up in five minutes… Legoland, here we come! or not 🙂


  7. What a guy! His mama raised him right! I can't even think about not liking my girl's future boyfriends. How excruciating that would be. Glad you like yours! 🙂


  8. I keep thinking about stopping blogging, too!I'm glad you didn't though!My Mom has always wanted a Mercedes, too! I used to dream about giving her one! I'm glad somebody actually did something this cool!Happy VD!


  9. Hi Suz, We been in Arkansas for a week –so I'm trying to catch back up with my blog friends. Hope you had a great week.That is so neat that your hubby bought his mother a special car. AWESOME… She will love it. AND–Happy Anniversary to Sue and Bill.You are so blessed to have such wonderful daughters and hubby… Looks like you had a great Valentine's Day.Hugs,Betsy


  10. I hope my sons will turn out as wonderful as your MIL's son! If only they didn't have a psycho for a mom….Anyway…..I write the same letter to my blog. I regularly write a similar letter to my kids: \”Dear Kids, I QUIT!\” So glad your house was full of love this Valentine's.


  11. I'm very impressed with Coach, and I'm sure his Mom is as well. I hope you know he's a keeper. I have to admit that I'm impressed that you approve of your girls' valentines.


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