I almost feel like I am bragging, but everyone in this house is employed.

Oh, wait, we do have a few bums hanging out. 
Just eatin’ food, sucking up a/c and all the petting they can get. 
Anyhoo….Linds is the latest to find a job. 
Just call her The Hostess with The Most-ess. 
Or something like that….people tend to get on her nerves, so the most-est part might be iffy.
My guess is that if people ask her too many times if their table is ready, that the possibility of getting a shank to the groin is very high. 
Don’t let the smile and the soup-to-go fool ya. 
I caught her as she was leaving for her fourth day….yes, she ohhhhh Mommmmm-ed me since I wanted a photo. 
But do I care? Not a bit. 
There is a law somewhere that kids can’t shank their own Moms.  Isn’t there?

18 thoughts on “Employed~

  1. Anonymous

    She looks beautiful! Congrats to her! Now that you have posted this, if something happens to you, we will know who to suspect!!!


  2. She is so stinkin' cute! Have you guys ever gone to Ed Debevic's on any of your trips here? I think she'd be a perfect hostess there. Especially the shanking in the groin part! 😉


  3. I'm pretty sure there is a law there somewhere. Did you ever notice how nice she is to total strangers, though? lol It's a whole new world out there-Hope her customers all survive- xo Diana ps. I bet she says naughty words, too!;>)


  4. Ha! Congrats even finding a job, Linds! YS is on the job hunt, especially since he's decided to live at home next year and go to a community college.Those 2 bums have a job: It's tough to be that cute ALL the time! 🙂


  5. Congratulations to Linds. I'm sure people wouldn't mind waiting on a table if she flashes that bright smile while they're waiting. Aren't the 'bums' employed guarding the house when you're away?


  6. She looks happy to be going to work. The paycheck is always a good incentive plus it is one step closer to being an independent adult.At least your bums adore you and worship you unconditionally. We have cats – – bums with attitudes!


  7. Congrats on everybody…but the dogs..and the cat…being employed. The furry peeps are obvious slackers but somebody has to hold down the fort while everybody is out slaving away all day.


  8. Good grief she is adorable! So now is another one of your jobs waiting for each of your babies to get home from their jobs each night? My oldest has just started to babysit and some of her hours are killer 🙂


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