Dear guest room walls,
Why are you being so difficult?   (‘before’ guest room)

All I wanted to do was give you a simple makeover, a freshening up of sorts. Me: I would like a nice light shade of gray on the wall, {Not to be confused with 50 shades of gray} with cream/white finishings. But after all the samples and actually painting the entire room and not liking it, I’m ready to get out some whips and chains! When does periwinkle equal gray? WHEN I SAY?
I tried to live with it (for 2 whole days!) but it bugged the 50 shades of tolerance out of me.

Back to the drawing board. And really, I DO have other things to DO!
Soon, I will have a full post on this, with more drama and cursing than you desire. And hopefully an ‘after photo’ too!

Dear driver with your left blinker on,
I know, it was stupid of me to assume that your left blinker MEANT that you were ACTUALLY turning left. I am a silly silly person….I tend to believe what people show me.
Damn you.
Damn you again.

Dear Florida,
I know those up north are covered in snow, but the fact that I finally had to put on long pants AND a sweater this week makes me happy! Any excuse NOT to shave my legs is a blessing. Thank you!

See, I don’t ONLY complain on Fridays!


15 thoughts on “FridayLetters~

  1. I am so over this winter. Ready for shorts and tee shirts. I feel your pain on the paint. I used to stink at picking colors but thankfully I've gotten a lot better at it with experience. Picking paint is hard though. Did you put a paint chip on the wall so you can see it? Everything looks different in the room and the light. I'm glad I've improved since the neon yellow baby room and the pink/purple we painted her room when she was 6. Ha.


  2. Love your Friday Letters… They make me laugh–which is a good thing. I love long pants for the same reason you do!!!!!! ha haThe idiot with the left blinker on didn't even know it since he had his music too loud!!!!!!!! haHopefully you will find a shade that you like better in that guest room. Looks like you are already sampling the wall. Maybe you can use a combo of colors and make a collage!!!!Hugs,Betsy


  3. Anonymous

    Painting is no fun! I think our next house will be white!!!Hope you guys have a fun weekend. The sun is shining and it is warming up today!


  4. Oh- I hate that- One time I painted the girls room what I thought was the perfect shade of LIGHT pink. Morning dawned and it looked like someone had thrown Pepto Bismal on the walls- UGH.That same left-turning blinker guy has clones all over town here- xo Diana


  5. I can't wait to see what you did with the guest room. I think everybody has had painting issues at one time or another. I remember picking out paint for our kitchen (years ago) and what looked like a peach color was actually more pink…


  6. If I lived closer, I would come down and help you with the paint-chip process. I'm unselfish like that (hahaha! and I LOVE to play with color). Happy Weekend to you!P.S. Do you have a curse jar in your house? You could put away some $$ for all of your @#$%&^*!


  7. Anonymous

    Selecting a paint color is so difficult. Takes me forever to make a decision! Even after putting samples on the wall it can take me weeks! A full time job for sure.


  8. 11 paint samples…that is how many we had over my week long break. I thought the room would be painted in one day and put back the next…right…who was I kidding….3 weeks later and it is almost done…but I do like the color. (I did try steel/blue gray….looked like purple on my walls.)Have fun!!


  9. I'm happy to tell you that some of your Florida warmth worked its way up here, and I'm not going to let go of it if I can help it. I'm considering it a nice birthday present from my Florida friends.


  10. It's quite the opposite here. Here in the mountains nobody turns the left blinker ON! And silly me, I thought it meant you WEREN'T going to turn left without a signal.And why does paint always dry a different shade?


  11. Oh grey really can be a tricky colour but when you find the right one it's worth the fight!!And sweater weather? I will admit I do enjoy a good sweater and fire in the fire place!


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