Be our guest, be our guest, be our guest.

I finally sorted out my paint issue.
I tried to live with the gray that turned out to actually be periwinkle in our guest room…but it was working my neurosis.
So I researched, purchased a few more samples and settled on the perfect gray.
I have never spent so much time on Pinterest and design blogs….not to mention the guys at Sherwin Williams knew me by name.
If you like, you can look at the before photo and jump to the after. But then again, you will miss out on all my wittiness. I know you need witty today.

In case you forgot what the before looked like. 
But really, what else have you thought about since Friday?
Certainly, not horrible by any standards. The green was wearing on me…as was the pine furniture.

This furniture was the first bedroom set we ever purchased for ourselves… was in our master bedroom ’97-’09.

I read, researched and read some more about painting the bedroom furniture. I knew the right way and the almost right way to do it. I did mine the almost right way. 
Ozzie was under the impression that those large cans of paint I kept moving around were full of cookies.  Because he was never more than 16″ away from me at all times. 
I lightly sanded all the pieces and then I used wall paint. 
I planned on distressing after I painted, so I really wasn’t concerned with any nicks or chips. Eventually my guests would do that for me, so I saved them some time. I’m giving like that. 
The corner cabinet is one shade darker than the walls. (Sample color!)
See, I’m good at distressing furniture…almost as good as I am at stressing people. 
The dresser and nightstand were the wall paint I used in our playroom update a year ago. It wasn’t my first choice, but on Saturday morning I didn’t feel like putting on a bra shoes. Sherwin williams prefers for you to wear a bra shoes in their store. So, this was the lightest color I had on hand. 
Yes, that is a bust of Ozzie on the dresser. Doesn’t everyone have a bust of their dog?

After: Wall color, Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams (7015)
I’m very happy with how it turned out. It is exactly what I had imagined…how often does that happen?
Coach’s Mom is giving us her four poster pine bed when they retire and sell their home later in the year….guess what color it will be when it moves in here? Yep, I don’t know either, but it won’t be Nekkid pine. 
There is talk of redoing the window valance and shams, but for now, these work perfectly.
Again, so you don’t have to scroll up and down here is the before and after:

The only items I purchased for the room were wall paint, new knobs for the dressers (Home Depot) and two (Target) lampshades. I often complain about having a ‘too large’ house, but the upside is you can shop in your closets and other rooms. I found some good crap in this place! 
I still have a few items to hang up. ( they are being painted today)

But overall I LOVE it!

21 thoughts on “Be our guest, be our guest, be our guest.

  1. Anonymous

    Oh gosh… shop the house? Dang. perhaps I should give all this stuff of mine to Goodwill before we move.. nah… it's outta here.Love the new gray on the walls… funny how not all grays are gray, but it looks wonderful I must say!


  2. I love this! When can I come visit? : ) We have pine furniture. It goes with how the room is decorated right now but I am itching to paint it. (milk paint since it's non toxic…but it's a lot of work..bleh!) Either cream or black! Your gray paint is very pretty…hmmmm!


  3. i love it too!!!!!! you did a great job 🙂 and i loved your witty banter all the way through. only… i am thinking there was less witty and more naughty in the process {yes, i could hear you swearign at that paint all the way over here!} i am so glad ozzie kept you company while you were working…eek! can't wait to see it for real! and with the new bed!


  4. I love periwinkle and most all things purple/blue, but in this climate, we have to avoid any large expanse that can be mistaken for gray – we already have SO MUCH of that in the sky. However, I'll bet that in your warm climate, that is positively refreshing to see. Well done, Suz!


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