The sky is the limit.

I’ve been taking some photography classes for a while. In reality, if there was a remedial class for photography, I would be the homecoming queen for that class.
But finally, it clicked.
Shooting in manual isn’t rocket science, but you would have thought it was for me. One of the things that I struggled with most was white balance.
You know, when you take photos inside and everyone looks yellow. I learned this week how to adjust my white balance for different situations. {Setting my custom white balance would have rid everyone of their Jaundice!}
If I had learned this when I first got my baby, I would have embraced manual settings sooner.
And then I played with the sky.
Custom White Balance.

Auto White Balance (AWB)

Tungston setting (makes the blues even bluer)

Surely this isn’t as exciting to anyone but me….I’m thrilled to learn this.
(Is that sky gorgeous or what? It only lasted a few minutes, like my Mom says, most good things only last a few minutes.)
I only wished I had some humans around at the time to throw into this sky. I mean, well, you know what I mean.
And then later, my humans came.

What? I dare you to tell her she is NOT a human!

Happy humpday!

24 thoughts on “The sky is the limit.

  1. Taking a photography class is on my bucket list. First I would have to get a good camera though, and there's always something else that \”need's to be done first. Right now that would be building a chicken coop – also on my bucket list. ;-)Love the photos of the sky, so pretty!


  2. I don't think anyone could be more human than Cocoa. You did a great job with the different white balances on your sky shots. You must be at the head of your photography class.


  3. We bought a fancy camera and still take all our pics in automatic. Grr. I wish my girl and I could take beginner photog classes. I know she wants to learn but it's overwhelming right now. So auto it is. Love love love those stunning clouds. Knowing how to shoot them makes all the difference! Good job! : )


  4. Sounds like you learned more than me in your photography class. Also, I have a camera that is in the middle of point-and-shoot and professional so I can't do all the adjustments. Your dog is so funny – – hugging on your husband like that. He loves those pups as much as you.


  5. Why of course she's a human. What a loving face. Steve has tried to teach me manual settings, but I seem to be hopeless at it. So I just hand him the camera when auto doesn't cut it.


  6. Lovely skies. I'm so glad that you're giving yourself the gift of a class in a subject you love.Your \”humans\” are adorable. Your husband looks like he's about 21. How does he do that?Have I thanked you lately for putting the ad/link to my book on your blog? THANK YOU!


  7. I'm still trying to learn all the gadgets and settings of my camera. You're doing so well! I took pictures of the babies today and messed up big time. Always. It makes me so mad at myself. One day I'll take the time to learn. Ha!


  8. Actually this is kind of exciting to me! I have an amazing camera and I know I am not using it to it's fullest. I even took a photography course but the teacher was ummm an idiot, and the entire class was LOST.Sigh, perhaps I should try another one, your pictures look fab!


  9. I need to take a photography class, for now I'm depending on the book that came with my camera. Those sky pictures are so beautiful! Funny, my dog does the same thing.


  10. Well, I could lie and say that the sky pics were my favorite. But, I hate to lie. Sometimes though, I do find a way to slyly leave out a truth if I know it may hurt a feeling or two…So, I won't lie. Cocoa's picture is my favorite. I wish my dogs would lie on my head like that. I'd be in heaven. I'd have fur forever stuck in my lip gloss and my mascara, but who the flip cares if I don't, right? Because of you I love Boxers. We have dog park parties at our park. There are a couple of Boxers who show up. They're adorable, but not as much as your gang. But, I don't lie to them and tell them they are adorable. I leave that out. What I do instead is tell them about my friend in FL who has two Boxers, and that they sometimes wear sunglasses on their butts. That picture still makes me legit laugh out LOUD.Just because I'm telling you that Cocoa's pic is my favorite doesn't mean I'm leaving out any truths about your sky pictures. They are magnificent. I love that unlike most people you just didn't get an expensive toy and then did nothing to push it to its limits. Bravo, Bee!Hugs from the breast coast.


  11. Oh, and I may or may not be harmlessly crushin' on your on your boy. He's too cute for school. Every time I see a picture of him it seems like he's got something mischievous up his sleeves. It's that little boy smile. Never grow up, Coach!


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