A Bee update; of the outdoors kind.

Finally we have some red tomatoes peeking from all the green. I was so scared that they would not ripen soon…it’s already getting very hot here. Woe is me. Woe the heck with the heat
We’ve been eating some nice fresh lettuce. I feel like a bunny. Minus the ears and all the hop hop hopping.  Hop Hop Hopping is not good for my knees. 
Remember my crape myrtle cut?  Funny  Anke referred to this cut as “Crape Murder.”
 That made me laugh. Anyhoos….check out this growth.  
They are all growing. And fast.
We loved our visit last weekend with our East coast gang crew.
There are many days (7 per week?) That I wish they lived closer {2 1/2 hours is kinda far} but when we do visit, it is all quality time. Quality time=laughter.
 LoLo and Lindsay love their time with SuperBoy…as do I. Our visits become more fun as your vocabulary grows. YOU know a lot of words for a 3 1/2 year old. 
Mama love is a good thing. We all need it. {Hey Mom, I LOVE you!!!}
We spent a lot of time outdoors last weekend. We even managed to get to the St. Patricks Day Parade. Our town really does a big parade. Imagine my surprise when I spot my good friend just a few families down from us? It’s a small world.  Dawn, did you sit in front of the ice cream shop on purpose?

Happy weekend my peeps. BEE safe!

19 thoughts on “A Bee update; of the outdoors kind.”

  1. Seeing Dawn was such a treat today!And how cute is little Wonder boy? Absolutely, positively adorable. Happy Friday. Guard your cheerios and wheaties. If anyone tries to pee in them, DASH away.


  2. I spied Dawn in that photo before I read it. How fun was that? Tomatoes already?! It's cold here. I mean, like 20's cold at night and in the mornings. It's in the 50's now. I thought we were going straight into spring, but that's not happening.


  3. Ermahgad! You have maters already? Lucky Bee.Mine went in kind of late this year. I usually get them planted by February, but just got them in this week. It doesn't matter because it pretty much stays in the 60s and 70s here until about September. That's when everything goes BUCK WILD in my garden. Although I harvest other veggies and herbs pretty much year round. But, I do love 'maters. Yours look delectable. I have missed Blogistan. I always forget how much so until I'm away for a bit. Your blog is one of the reasons why. It's so well done. Have a terrific weekend, my friend, and your daughters are lookin' GOOD!!!!


  4. It's getting too hot there already??? Send some of it up this way!! We're back in the 40's during the day and I'm not too happy about that. I was hoping to be able to plant our garden next week, but there are still a few frosty nights in the forecast for us. Boohoo…Your crape myrtle's are recovering nicely! 🙂


  5. OH My… Fresh lettuce and tomatoes… YUM… It will be several months before we get that fresh stuff up here. Can't wait.Glad you had fun with your special friends –and glad you enjoyed the St. Patrick's Parade…. Have a good weekend.Hugs,Betsy


  6. I assume that by East Coast friends, you mean the east coast of FLORIDA, since y'all are already ON the EAST coast. Am I following you about this? Or am I on the wrong track?What a lovely family you are, and they are, too!


  7. Please feel free to send your excess heat up here — we really need it. I wouldn't mind if you sent some garden-fresh tomatoes and lettuce as well.


  8. My DH is a St Patricks Day baby and this is the first time in a long time we were NOT in Florida for his big day. Now I am once again regretting that choice 🙂 Love the pictures of your beautiful friends and family.Enjoy that sunshine, I will keep shovelling up here 🙂


  9. Superboy sure is cute, and 3 is a great age. No wonder your girls enjoy visiting with him.Ripe tomatoes already! We won't even be able to plant tomatoes outdoors here until the first of June.


  10. oh you know i sat there on purpose!!! and i might have had an ice cream when i left… because i had to use their potty, and know you that is RUDE to not buy anything…i love the pix you took of superboy & family!!! who could be a better friend than YOU?!


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