Hanging with the Po-Po and Vegas. Baby.

Do you ever have those weeks where you get so much stuff accomplished that you stop, look in the mirror and shriek: Who the hell are you and where is Suzanne?

Me neither.
In other news, I’ve joined another cult. First there was Facebook (which we all know I’m sick of, but as with cults and The Hotel California, you can never leave) Then I tried my hand at Twitter. Hated.it. Then I joined Costco and Sam’s club. I could not choose. Love them both…poly-warehouse lover who?
Then came groupon. LOVE.
Now behold my newest cult. Angie’s list.
I was taunted by Angie for so long that I finally broke down and joined. Thank goodness I look good in a bouffant. What? I’m pretty sure Angie’s List belongs to Angie Dickinson.

Speaking of Police Woman. Did I share with you that my Mom has a milestone birthday coming up?
She does.
I’m not allowed to say her age, but you can guess.
I won’t make you guess where she and I are going for her birthday to celebrate.
Ok, just guess a little.
Wrong. wrong. and wrong again. You guys don’t know us very well do you. Who shouted a cruise? Child pa-lease.
We are going to Vegas. Baby.
So, hopefully we won’t be up close and personal with any Po-po’s. Cause it’s fixing to get all crazy up in here. *raise the roof*
Ok, not really. Unless people still raise the roof then count us in.
I asked the Coach if he wanted to go.
He laughed and said: “no, you girls go and have a good time.”
It isn’t that the Coach moves faster or slower than us, but he does move towards a goal. Mom and I are just all willy nilly all over the place. I love being willy nilly. Especially in Vegas. Baby.

Now don’t start wising us a wonderful trip and ‘good luck’ avoiding the po-po yet.  We don’t leave for a few weeks. I’m flying in my private jet to pick up my Mom in ATL and then we head to Vegas. Baby.
Delta is private. right?
So right now, please just tell me I look good in a bouffant. Cause you know I do.
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21 thoughts on “Hanging with the Po-Po and Vegas. Baby.

  1. You are going to have so much fun! : ) I can't wait to hear about your escapades. I have always thought you were the one friend I had who would look amazing in a bouffant!


  2. You definitely look good in a bouffant. I'm glad you're giving Vegas plenty of warning that you and your Mom are coming. I'm sure Vegas will need to make sure all those roofs are securely in place.


  3. You and your mom will rock Vegas in your bouffant! What an awesome mother-daughter trip that is going to be. Will \”what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas\” apply to the trip or are you going to spill the beans (po-po and all) when you come back? 😉


  4. willy nilly? yep. me, too!!! as if you didn't know! i am ecxited to hear all about the trip… and i do hope you can stay safe and out of toooo much trouble! {cuz i can count on you to get into some!}angie's list? hmmm… i don't think i need that. do i????? but i do love the hair…


  5. How fun for your Mom!Can't wait to see what shindigg-y thing you come up with!I have yet to try twitter or pinterest or all the other 'cool kid' stuff.But I'm glad you read that you are brave enough to try it for us all!


  6. I am excited for your trip – – excited for you, of course. We should see some good pics of that.I have had to set a timer (almost) for myself on Pinterest because I am having too much fun with it!!! I don't do FB or twitter, etc. – – – just email, blog, and Pinterest.


  7. We have Abgie and her list…and her bucket load of emails driving us nuts. We used the list for the fence. It's fun to read what people say about service providers. Cuz I'm nosy like that. Vegas! Fun! Take lots of pics so its sorta like we tagged along without having to pitch in for meals and the hotel, k?! ; )


  8. Oh, yeah, Delta is private for all the 350 passengers crammed aboard! Vegas sounds like fun, but don't get too hung up on those evil slots. I never, ever win anything…


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